Our Impact in 2018

The year 2018 was an eventful year filled with social and political movements, polarizing world events, and endless news cycles. At the same time, we saw much of the world begin to take change into their own hands. Here at Planeterra, we watched momentum of grassroots-driven movements surge around issues like gender equality. We knew this year we had to put a focus on these issues, with our own twist. Our team set out around the world, spurred on by the desire to use the travel industry to distribute wealth to those who need it most, not only to fight poverty, but to strive for a more equal world, where cultures are celebrated, women are empowered, the environment is protected, and no member of society is left behind.


The achievements of 2018 were made possible by the ongoing support of Planeterra's investors and changemakers, our program partners, our fundraising volunteers, and through our founding partner, G Adventures. Together we are creating opportunities through travel.



Method Validation through the Inter-American Development Bank Multilateral Investment Fund

In 2012, Planeterra was granted with a $1 million multi-year partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank Multilateral Investment Fund to develop a sustainable community-based tourism (CBT) program in Central and South America.  The aim of the project was to increase the competitiveness of micro and small enterprises (MSE) by optimizing their market access and efficiency in the tourism value chain.  By partnering with a global tour operator on product development efforts, MSEs gain access to a ready market, capabilities and the tools to serve the market demand.


Five main CBT initiatives were developed to serve as the principal elements to which other micro and small businesses were linked, expanding the economic opportunities in each of the communities touched by the project.


Parwa Restaurant, Peru

Lares Community Campsite, Peru

Mi Cafecito, Costa Rica

Puesta del Sol, Nicaragua

Posadas Mayas, Guatemala 

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