Thank you for helping us launch 50 small businesses in less than 5 years

Planeterra is excited to announce that we have integrated 50 new social enterprise projects into travel itineraries a year and a half early! We now want to increase our goal by 2020, so we have launched Project 100! 


Together, we can turn travel into impact.

Learn about our Projects

Kao Thep Pitak

Suratthani, Thailand
Kao Thep Pitak community ecotourism enterprise provides meals, activities and homestay experiences in southern Thailand. Planeterra provided training and renovations to the community centre and dining area, kitchen and washroom facilities so they could better serve travellers.

Lusumpuko Women’s Club

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Lusumpuko means “Progress” in the local language of Tonga, and this women’s cooperative started as a project rearing chickens. Now, the group provides catering services, cooking a traditional meal for over 1,000 international travellers annually.

Life Monteverde

Monteverde, Costa Rica
Life Monteverde is a cooperative of 37 families dedicated to the conservation and preservation of natural resources and works to educate both locals and international tourists and students about the need for sustainable practices in Costa Rica and beyond.

AidChild’s Equation Café & Gallery

Kayabwe, Uganda
Located on the Ugandan equator, this café and art gallery support the AidChild Leadership Institute (A.L.I.) who provide access to education, medical support, and care to more than 50 HIV-positive orphans at their centre in Entebbe.

Sthree Handicraft Shop & Cafe

Kandy, Sri Lanka

This partnership increased market access for Sthree’s artisans ten-fold, and increased cash flow for the social enterprise. The tourism program provides increased livelihood opportunities for women and at-risk youth, while also acting as a base funding for the Women’s Development Centre’s shelter for abused women.

Favela Experience

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Through our partnership, Favela Experience has developed a new social enterprise tour, benefitting five micro-enterprise and community organizations. Planeterra donated funds for the facilities and equipment for the micro-enterprises, which represent a much-needed boost the community