Al Numeira Environmental Cafe

South Ghour, Jordan


The reliable income source through tourism helps Al Numeira Environmental Association (NEA) continue to educate over 100 children every week on environmental consciousness, and grow its network of community members working together for change. NEA was able to hire more community members to run their tourism program, creating further environmental and economic impacts on the community. 

NEA has expanded their bicycle tour program since initially launching the partnership, training young men and women to become guides. The community continues to work on improving their English to better host the steady flow of international guests.

youth trained weekly
community members benefitting

Critical Need

Being near the lowest point on Earth the communities south of the Dead Sea suffer from high temperatures and lack of water resources. With this environmental risk comes the need for new water conservation initiatives. 

NEA started a café focused on traditional Jordanian meals and local crops which has gained much interest from the local community but has not yet captured a strong base of international customers. The purpose of the cafe is to fund non-profit activities that would help drive economic investment in the region and support NEA’s environmental programs. NEA aims to bring innovative conservation solutions to South Ghour through community engagement in order to build a sustainable future and improve well-being for everyone. 

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with NEA in order to turn their community centre and cafe into a profitable tourism enterprise, creating jobs for community members and reinvesting back into environmental activities. Through local partners, Planeterra provided capacity building in the areas of tour experience development, food handling, bicycle safety and goal setting in order to create a meaningful traveller experience. 

A catalyst grant was provided to improve the functionality of the kitchen space and empower more community-based chefs to host travellers in their home. Further, after their kitchen tragically burnt down prior to the project launch, Planeterra was able to fundraise and rebuild the kitchen in time for guests. Planeterra also connected them to our tourism partners to provide a steady stream of travellers to the project.