BVOY Travel Journal Supports Planeterra


Meet Jo & Jen, the founders behind the the BVOY Travel Journal, a journal that travellers can carry along on their adventures when they’re seeking a more transformative and purposeful experience. It provides 30 days of guided writing prompts to help travellers reflect, get intentional, and keep a grateful and growth mindset along their travels.

From December 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018, Jo & Jen will donate $5 to Planeterra for every journal purchased online at


Jo and Jen are huge fans of G Adventures, having both travelled to New Zealand on a G Adventures tour after Jen was inspired by reading Bruce Poon Tip's vision behind the company about sustainable travel in his book Looptail. The impact of Planeterra was seen firsthand by Jen when she took a trip with G Adventures to India where she went on a Delhi Streetkids walking tour. While Jo & Jen begin to grow their business, they want to stay mindful  in December to find their own small way to contribute to countries that have welcomed them whenever they’ve travelled through donating to Planeterra.


Planeterra is a not-for-profit organization that helps create opportunities for women, youth, and communities by providing grants and funding to social enterprises in the tourism industry. Planeterra envisions a world where people create their own economic opportunities, places are protected, and cultures are celebrated through travel. Planeterra also works to promote responsible, sustainable travel through the creation of guidelines that protect animals, Indigenous people, and children in the tourism industry.

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