Numeira Kitchen Fire Appeal

Numeira Kitchen Fire Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters of Planeterra,

We are writing to ask for your help. Planeterra has been working closely with a new project partner in Jordan, the Al Numeira Environmental Association (NEA). Together we have developed a new tourism program, NEA Cafe, that we had anticipated to launch in January 2019. Our vision was to renovate and refurbish NEA’s current location, a small café, with profits helping to address critical environmental issues in the sensitive ecosystem in and around the Dead Sea.

The wheels were in motion to build up this social enterprise, and then on July 25, our partners experienced a devastating fire completely destroying the café‘s kitchen and equipment. We are grateful that no one was hurt in this event, but sadly the dream of building NEA into an impactful and profitable social enterprise has been put on hold.

We are calling on you today to help us change that. We are looking to raise $15,000 CAD to rebuild NEA Cafe from the ashes, and restore our partners’ hope in achieving their dreams. With these funds, Planeterra will be able to rebuild and restock the kitchen with all necessary equipment to get the café back up and running, and once we do, it’s our mission to bring travellers and customers from around the world to visit the project and support NEA’s greater environmental initiatives in the region.

Please help us invest in this café today, so we can support NEA as they invest in the future of this region for years to come.

Al Numeira Environmental Association is a registered nonprofit in Jordan. NEA’s mission is to promote innovative water conservation methods and environmental education to build a more sustainable future and improve human well-being in the Jordan Valley.

Learn more about Al Numeria Environmental Association here.

Planeterra’s partner, G Adventures, has generously agreed to match all donations received for this program, up to $15,000 CAD. As always, 100% of your donations go directly to the project.

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