Planeterra Community Projects Attend Largest Travel Show in Perú

Perú Travel Mart is the most important strategic meeting of the tourism industry in Perú. The event has brought international buyers together with local suppliers since 1987. In 2017, for the very first time, two of Planeterra’s partners were exhibitors at this international event.

Representatives from Parwa Community Restaurant were able to pay their way to attend the trade show with savings from their tourism program. They went further to also pay the way for the Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op to join them. Both projects are based in the Cusco region and work closely together to provide outstanding tourism experiences for international travellers.

Attending Perú Travel Mart marks a transition into the greater tourism industry for these community-owned social enterprises. Through our work with both communities, providing catalyst funding, training, market connections and ongoing support through the years, both of these programs are now in a position to diversify their markets, and seek out their own partnerships with travel industry partners beyond G Adventures.  They will be able to see an even greater impact in a communities once completely forgotten by tourism. G Adventures’ contracting manager accompanied community members at Perú Travel Mart to provide guidance and coaching as they build out their marketing skills.

Parwa Community Restaurant and Ccaccaccollo Weaving Co-op host 16,000 or more G Adventures travellers annually. The magnitude of their tourism programs have allowed them to invest significantly back into community development programs in their regions, seeing drastic improvements in education, infrastructure and access to healthcare in their communities.

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