This Giving Tuesday help us empower local people in Botswana with job creation and a sustainable income




"No matter where you come from, if you traced your ancestry back far enough and could greet your most distant grandmother, you would be staring into the smiling eyes of a San woman."- Greg Laws, Dqae Qare San Lodge Manager


Over 2,000 living in D'kar, Botswana are in extreme poverty and subsisting on about .30 cents USD per capita per day



You can help us create jobs, reduce poverty and celebrate the worlds' oldest culture. Revenue generated by this lodge is re-invested back into the community to pay for life-changing necessities such as:



On December 3rd your donations will be matched by Deloitte Private.






The D'Kar community requires additional funding to expand their buisness,create more jobs, and provide sustainable revenue for their community.
Dqae Qare San Lodge is the only land in Southern Africa owned freehold by the Indigenous San and we want to keep it this way. San communities have expressed their intention to participate in modern development but are often exploited by the tourism industry.
Please help us support the upgrades needed so future generations can continue to live their traditional way of life while earning an income.

Funds raised will be used to expand and update the Dqae Qare San Lodge which provides a steady stream of income for the San people of D’kar so they can live sustainably and independently. 


Dqae Qare San Lodge is in need of building materials (thatching of their roof, tiles, doors), labour costs (all labour and building material will be locally done), new solar panels (they are off grid due to their location) as well as fans. These are just a few of the examples of things needed which will cost almost $20,000 USD. Anything you can contribute helps and will be matched by our partner Deloitte.


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