Creating Purposeful Space in China

Jia Community Restaurant

In 2018, Planeterra partnered with the Rural Women’s Development Foundation Guangdong in China to establish a Community Corner in Liandaowan village near Yangshuo. The purpose of this centre is to create employment opportunities for women, promote education for children, and act as a hub for meaningful community experiences. With so many men leaving the village for work in urban areas, women and children are often left behind.

Planeterra invested over $30,000 CAD into construction and training to make this project possible, and then linked the newly established community restaurant to G Adventures’ customer base in China. Since its construction, women and children have been using the space for things like reading, watching movies, dancing, painting and cooking. Just by having the space, the community has already been able to create so much purpose around the centre.

Here are just some of the activities that have been hosted in or organized through the Community Corner in the last year:

Tourism training, June 2018

Cleaning up Lijang project on December 2018

Ballad Festival, December 2018

Portrait photoshoot on December 2018

New Year Carnival, January 2019

Women's Day Activities, March 2019

Fun day for children! March 2018

Flower arrangement training, December 2019

Winter Solstice activities, December 2019

"If you do what you want to do, your dream comes true." -Xiaoyan Xu

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