The latest 5 Emergency Grants to Planeterra Projects

While some places in the world are starting to prepare to open for travel, or already have hosted domestic visitors, many places are still in the middle of the pandemic. You have helped Planeterra raise over $100,000 CAD for our projects through our Turn Travel Into Impact From Home Campaign, and while that campaign has ended we are still sending out emergency grants with the generous funds raised. This week, we sent out an additional 5 emergency grants, bringing our total number of emergency grants to 24.


Jukil Lodge - Bolivia

The Santiago de Agencha community is located two hours across the salt flats from Uyuni, making it extremely inaccessible. COVID-19 has resulted in significant loss of income from tourism, resulting in community members being unable to purchase  food. Around 70% of the food is purchased in regional markets that is 3 hours from the community. This is further complicated by the current lockdown. A grant was provided to build greenhouses for 30 families which will help local families to grow food locally in a sustainable way, building resilience for the future.

Ak Orgo - Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is the second poorest economy in Central Asia. Planeterra’s  project partner Ak Orgo is located in Barskoon, a community experiencing 80% unemployment even before COVID-19. Ak Orgo’s workshop provided the opportunity for much-needed livelihoods in the craft and tourism sector, taking advantage of the region’s growing tourism economy. COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the area, causing many of the employees of Ak Orgo to work from home earning little income. A grant was provided to ensure that the 12 staff members are able to access basic necessities including medicine.

Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op - Perú

Ccaccaccollo is an Indigenous community located in the Andean area of Cuzco, Perú. In 2005, Planeterra developed a partnership with the Ccaccaccollo community to develop a women’s weaving cooperative, to create economic opportunities for the women of this community. Like many of our partners, COVID-19 has negatively impacted their income. A grant will be sent to the community so that they are able to access basic needs, including purchasing soap and other sanitation necessities. 

Nyamirambo Community Tour - Rwanda

Planeterra partnered with Nyamirambo Women’s Center in the capital of Rwanda in order to increase the number of customers they were receiving to their newly-developed tourism program, which includes a walking tour of the businesses of the Nyamirambo area of Kigali. As tourism has come to a halt, the staff have earned no income and have found it difficult to meet basic needs. The grant will be used to purchase food parcels for 18 members of the women's center. These parcels will contain the basic food and household needs for the women and their families.

Shandia Community Tourism- Ecuador

The village of Shandia is located in the rainforest of eastern Ecuador. It is inhabited mostly by the Indigenous Kichwa people, and was formerly an evangelical missionary centre, consisting of 120 families. Planeterra, in partnership with the local non-profit EcoCiencia, worked with the Shandia community to identify opportunities in tourism. Currently, they are  supporting the community with the community fund that they started through their tourism income, however, they have nearly run out of funds. We have sent a grant to the community and they have decided that  the women in the area will begin raising chickens as a way to provide for the community.

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