Invitation for Proposals

Planeterra has set itself the hefty goal of creating 50 new projects by 2020. In the first year of implementation 11 projects were launched – and we have no intention of slowing down. As we set off to implement another 39 projects in the next four years, we welcome your ideas!

Ideally new projects should:

  • Benefit disadvantaged youth, women, impoverished or indigenous communities.
  • Follow the “trade not aid” philosophy in order to create a self-sustaining program.
  • Be able to be part of a G Adventures Trip and provide a service to the travellers: accommodation, food, transportation, tours/experiences, souvenirs/handcrafts.
  • Be located where many G Adventures groups will visit. More travellers and more departures mean more impact.
  • Involve a local organization already operating on the ground in the area.

If you know a community group, social enterprise or nonprofit that could benefit from formal linkages to the tourism industry, we invite them to submit a proposal through our online form.

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