7 more Emergency Grants sent for COVID-19 relief

The Planeterra team has been working diligently to put your donations to work by getting them to our partners as quickly as possible and we have been blown away with how many of you have donated to our emergency fund! So far, we have raised over $60,000 CAD in relief funds, this has allowed us to make sure our partners can access food, water and life saving medicine. Plus, we’ve invested in some long-term, sustainable solutions for our partners to rebuild and recover post-COVID-19. 

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Native Grill - Navajo Nation

Our partner Native Grill, located on  Navajo Nation, has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic due to the systemic inequalities they face on a daily basis. With the closest grocery stores sometimes 30 km away and many without electricity for refrigeration, access to food and being able to stock up on groceries has been difficult. 

Your donations provided food and locally-sourced hand sanitizer through the local Chapter House to those who need it most.

LinkAge Training Restaurant - Myanmar

LinkAge supports some of Myanmar's most vulnerable youth. Our partners are committed to continuing to pay stipends to their 18 students over the next few months even though everyone has gone home. The average household needs cost is $100 USD per month. Through your donations we have been able to send a grant to cover their student stipends.

Cuncani Community Campsite- Peru

The Cuncani Community, located in the Lares Valley of Peru, is considered to be in the category of extreme poverty. While the government in Peru has offered support to some families, the system is extremely inaccessible to the community as a result of them being extremely off-grid, not even being able to get a cellphone signal. Without access to the internet, most community members haven't been able to apply for government support, but your donations helped the community distribute food to those in need while our team helps them access more government support.

Soa Zara- Madagascar

You helped us send a grant to Soa Zara, our partner in Ranohira, dedicated to protecting the environment and empowering their community through tree planting that travellers are able to also experience. We were able to assist Soa Zara in providing food parcels to their members and employees. To ensure they can weather this storm we’ll be helping to expand their food garden so they can provide for their staff long-term despite an ongoing drought.

Posadas Mayas- Guatemala

Our project partners Posadas Mayas, located in San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala is a homestay that directly impacts 47 families and reaches over 400 people through their many community investments. The community has sadly been severely impacted by COVID-19, but with your support, 5 families had food parcels delivered to their door to help with social distancing in the area.

Domari Culture and Craft Experience- Israel

Our project Domari Culture and Craft Experience is one of our newer projects that launched this year before COVID-19 halted the global tourism industry. The women at Domari were trained in hospitality and storytelling, preparing them with basic English skills to better communicate their culture to travellers. Since COVID-19 has stopped the income that was being made through tourism we have sent them a grant to provide food packages to the women and their families to meet basic needs. We also funded the purchase of a new bread oven so they will be able to make and sell fresh bread to the community as a way to earn an income long-term.

Beit Khayrat Souf - Jordan

Our Planeterra partner Beit Khayrat Souf, a women-owned and run restaurant has struggled to make ends meet during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to their restaurant, they had previously diversified their income by selling local and traditional items, such as homemade jams and sauces to travellers but these have proven not as popular for the local market, as many community members will make these on their own. We were able to send them a grant to ensure the women of this restaurant are able to access food and support them through this difficult time. 

You can fund more relief efforts here.

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