6 Emergency Grants tackling COVID-19 Relief

We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, and we appreciate that the Planeterra community has come together to help those most vulnerable. You have helped us send money for nutritious food for 67 HIV positive youth, life-saving medication to a rural community in Belize, and soap to an Indigenous community of 2,000 people in Botswana. Below is more information on which projects your donations have gone on to support. While we want to celebrate the projects that have received help, there are still many more in need. 

AidChild Leadership Centre (ALI), Uganda - First Grant

Planeterra has been working with ALI since 2017, by supporting their cafe at the Ugandan equator. Over 50% of ALI’s operating budget, which supports 67 HIV-positive orphans, comes from their tourism businesses, including the cafe, so the halt on travel has had a devastating effect on their operations. With the loss of income, they were only able to afford rice and beans to feed the 67 youth in their care. Your donations provided more well-balanced nutritious groceries to ensure that they remain healthy through this crisis. 

San Antonio Women’s Co-op, Belize - Second Grant

San Antonio Women’s Co-op is located in a rural Maya community in Belize, and was formed by a local women’s group made up of nine Mayan women. They started the group to find a way to earn an income, learn new and interesting skills, and share their traditional knowledge not only with visitors but with the younger generation. When travel was halted due to COVID-19 they had to close down their shop, resulting in a loss of income not only for the members but for individuals in the community that relied on the cooperative for support. Your donations resulted in an emergency grant being sent so these individuals could receive life-saving medication that they almost had to go without.  

AFER, Morocco - Third Grant

Planeterra helped fund the first hospitality program run by local partner AFER (Association Des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux) to develop the skills of rural women and support healthcare and wellbeing in the rural area of M’Haya. Travellers were able to visit and have a traditional meal during their travels. This program benefits nearly 700 women and children in the area and when tourism stopped, they were unable to help members of their community receive life-saving medication. Your donations allowed us to send funds to purchase a two month supply of medication for  those with severe chronic illnesses.

çöp(m)adam, Turkey - Fourth Grant

çöp(m)adam started as an experimental project in Western Turkey addressing the issues of women’s employment and the importance of recycling/re-using. When travellers visit the workshop during a trip to Turkey, and purchase their products, they are directly supporting the women that made them. Ten artisans in the community rely on the income generated from travellers supporting the project. Your donations were sent to help the women provide for their families and access essential necessities.

Dqae Qare San Lodge, Botswana- Fifth Grant

Dqae Qare San Lodge is located in D’Kar in a community of 2,000 people who are living on less than 30 cents a day. When tourism became a viable revenue source for the community they were able to support many members including their full time, part-time staff but also other groups in the community. COVID-19 resulted in the lodge losing significant income which directly impacted the entire community. Your donations have been sent to Dqae Qare to pay for soap and food, as the community was unable to afford it during this pandemic. 

Mto wa Mbu, Tanzania - Sixth Grant

Mto wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Enterprises works to provide jobs to locals, including women, in an innovative and sustainable way that celebrates local culture and heritage. They run multiple experiences for travellers including bike tours, cultural experiences, and delicious meals. As a result of COVID-19 this income has stopped not only for our project but the ripple effects our project had on the community of other farmers in the area. This project is also very concerned that the lack of tourism and the need for income could result in wildlife destruction such as poaching. Your donations will help those impacted receive essential goods. 

You can fund more relief efforts here.

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