6 More Emergency Grants Sent for COVID-19 Relief

The Planeterra team has been working diligently to get your donations to our project partners as quickly as possible and we have been blown away with how many of you have donated to our emergency fund. We are nearly at the $50,000 dollar mark! Your support has helped us send emergency funds to 6 more projects, meaning we have now sent 12 grants to communities in need [you can read about the first 6 grants here]. Despite this success, we still have many projects that require help accessing basic necessities. Additionally, the longer travel is halted, there are many more needing support from our team on developing new opportunities and strengthening skills for the future.

Planeterra works with vulnerable communities that have been hit hard. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, and have been continually reminded by the Planeterra community that when we come together we can truly make a difference.

Moshi Mamas- Tanzania

There are 19 ladies working at the Give A Heart to Africa school, Moshi Mamas cooperative, Kili Kitchen and Lala Salama spa - some of the new businesses were created with support from Planeterra for women graduates of the program to earn an income from tourism. The ladies are now left with no income and are struggling to meet their basic needs. Our grant supported these ladies with funds for food parcels and other supplies for their families.

TWE- Together We Earn by Theruvoram NGO- India

A brand new project that had just launched in January starting to receive their first visitors, Planeterra had worked with this women’s empowerment program to develop their first tourism experience to generate funds for the non-profit by offering a cultural experience and traditional meal. Working at TWE is some of the women’s first jobs outside of the home. A small grant will support basic needs for staff for the next few months along with some materials for selling goods locally.

Berracas de la 13- Colombia

Berracas de la 13 is a women’s empowerment NGO in Medellin, Colombia that supports vulnerable women and children throughout “Comuna 13”. Planeterra helped develop their new restaurant to relaunch to guests in January 2020 and they were off to a fantastic start when the crisis hit. Being in an urban location the families are at risk of food insecurity. The grant provided went to food parcels for over 130 families that are normally supported by the organization.

Senang Hati- Indonesia

Senang Hati is a non-profit organization that was created to empower differently-abled community members in Bali, Indonesia.  Senang Hati runs training programs for adults living with disabilities to gain independence and confidence working in the formal economy. Planeterra funded the development of their accessible kitchen where they serve up delicious Balinese cuisine to travellers. A small grant here provided support for 8 people who stay at their centre for whom they maintain food and shelter on an ongoing basis.

Lusumpuko Women’s Club and Princes Sewing and Laundry Co-op- Zimbabwe

These two sister cooperatives working in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe provide a fabulous cultural food experience as well as laundry services for travellers visiting this iconic town. In a country that already struggles from near 90% unemployment, the ladies have always proven resourceful, creating new initiatives like catering for local events and selling items like water and snacks on the street while tourism is shut down. A small grant for both organizations is providing support for food parcels for more than 20 ladies and their families.

You can fund more relief efforts here.

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