Partner Spotlight: LiveOutThere

LiveOutThere (LOT) equips adventurers with the clothing and gear they need to start exploring. As a corporate partner of Planeterra, LOT pledged to raise $150,000 between 2016-2020, sponsoring five Planeterra projects across the world. In 2016, LOT’s generous donation of $30,000 was used to start the first indigenous-run trek along the Sierra Nevada, on the famous Lost City Trek in Colombia.

Unique partnerships like this one help Planeterra fund entire community development programs. Following the same ethos of G Adventures, LiveOutThere and its founder, Jamie Clark, believe that recreational travel does not have to be a selfish pursuit, but rather that travellers can conscientiously make an effort to give back to the people and places we visit.

With Planeterra as LOT’s corporate responsibility partner, they advocate for our work globally through their network of adventurers. To raise money for Planeterra, LOT has been running trip giveaways, matching donations for in-kind gear purchases, and promoting our work through their corporate giving channels.

LOT is already looking ahead to 2017, collecting funds to completely renovate the Jukil Community Lodge of Bolivia, giving an entire community access to  the tourism value chain.

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