Project 100

After the successful completion of our 50 in 5 Campaign, we introduced Project 100, with the goal to partner with an additional 25 community tourism enterprises worldwide. We accomplished this goal in December 2020.

Projects Completed

SACRED VALLEY, PERU- Women’s cooperative dedicated to empowering a collection of women earning income for the first time, while protecting Indigenous weaving techniques.

Ccaccaccollo Women's Weaving Co-op

DELHI, INDIA- An alternative walking tour of Delhi led by youth who were previously experiencing homelessness, supporting a local children’s non-profit.

City Walk

CUZCO, PERU- Youth afterschool club and empowerment program supporting learning amongst children in Cusco.

Inti Runaqunak Wasin (Cuzco Youth Drop-in )

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA- Restaurant creating employment opportunities for youth and community members, with profits supporting health and education programs for local children.

New Hope

SOUTH GEORGIA, ANTARCTICA- Successful habitat restoration project eradicating rodents from South Georgia, allowing for the return of birdlife to the islands, for travellers to enjoy on their visit to the Antarctic.

South Georgia Heritage Trust

CCACCACCOLLO, PERU- Community homestay program empowering an Indigenous community in the Sacred Valley, which includes cultural and agricultural activities for travellers.

Ccaccacollo Community Homestay

CUZCO, PERU- Women-run biodegradable soaps microenterprise supplying eco-friendly products to help travellers trekking in Peru minimize their environmental impact.

Esencia Andina

OMETEPE, NICARAGUA- Community tourism experience and overnight at a community homestay enterprise benefitting more than 500 people.

Puesta del Sol

SAN JUAN LA LAGUNA, GUATEMALA- An Indigenous community tourism enterprise which includes an art gallery, coffee cooperative, and homestay, providing income for more than 400 people.

Posadas Mayas

SAN MIGUEL DE SARAPIQUI, COSTA RICA- A community-owned coffee cooperative employing local guides, which hosts travellers for tours and meals.

Mi Cafecito

HUCHUY QOSCO, PERU- Community-owned restaurant and culinary experience hosted by an Indigenous community, whose funds are channelled into local development projects.

Parwa Community Restaurant

CUNCANI, PERU- Community-owned campsite bringing income to a remote community living below the poverty line on Peru’s Lares Trek.

Cuncani Community Campsite

KATHMANDU, NEPAL- A momo cooking class and meal providing income for a non-profit supporting human trafficking survivors and at-risk women, while providing meaningful work for women in tourism.

Sisterhood of Survivors - Kathmandu

POKHARA, NEPAL- Due to the success of the Kathmandu location, a second momo cooking class and lunch led by survivors and at-risk women of human trafficking was launched in Pokhara.

Sisterhood of Survivors - Pokhara

DELHI, INDIA- A woman-run taxi service training and employing women from resource-poor backgrounds, often in their first job outside the home.

Women With Wheels

VARANASI, INDIA- Non-profit cafe and shop providing income to resource-poor women through handicraft sales.

Open Hand

MOSHI, TANZANIA- A visit to enterprises successfully launched by female entrepreneurs, including a handicraft cooperative and spa, employing and empowering women in tourism jobs.

Moshi Mamas

JACMEL, HAITI- An art and lunch experience hosted by a youth art program, with revenue being funnelled into a non-profit empowering 100 at-risk children through art programs.

Art Creation Foundation

FLOREANA ISLAND, GALAPAGOS- A community tourism enterprise with experiences including a local meal, family guesthouse, and snorkelling with revenue bringing employment to a remote island community.

Floreana Ecotours

HOI AN, VIETNAM- Youth-led market tour and cooking class, which acts as a curriculum module for the students to practice their English language and presentation skills in a training program designed to find them employment in the hospitality sector.

Oodles of Noodles

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND- One of three Indigenous community tourism enterprises on a remote trekking route, which creates job opportunities for individuals to continue to stay in their home village, retaining culture, and preventing urban migration.

Mae Hong Son- Ban Jabo

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND- Second of three Indigenous community tourism enterprises on a remote trekking route in Northern Thailand, which invests 10% of their tourism revenue into a wider community development fund.

Mae Hong Son- Ban Muang Pam

MAE HONG SON, THAILAND- Third Indigenous community tourism enterprise that is part of a series of experiences on the hilltribe trek route in Northern Thailand, benefitting the local community through revenue and helping support community development projects.

Mae Hong Son- Ban Pha Mon

MONDULI, TANZANIA- Guided experience with a female engineer installing clean cookstoves and solar power to rural Maasai homes, with funds from the tour going directly to the installation of the lifesaving stoves.

Maasai Clean Cookstoves

KIGALI, RWANDA- A women-run handicraft shop, meal experience, and tour employing women who are often the sole income for their households.

Nyamirambo Women's Center

MEKNES, MOROCCO- A local, home-cooked meal which supports the operations of a non-profit running literacy, income-generating and medical programs for rural women and children.

AFER HomLunch

TULLY, AUSTRALIA- Cafe and tourism business running a youth training program for Indigenous students wanting to gain experience in the tourism industry.

Cafe Chloe

OCEANS- Products collected from various Planeterra partners, sold on G Adventures Expedition Ship, to showcase Planeterra for passengers and provide income to handicraft partners.

Expedition Shop Initiative

HOI AN, VIETNAM- Handicraft demonstration and lesson, led by differently-abled adults benefitting from the services offered by a local non-profit.

Lifestart Lanterns

CAYE CAULKER, BELIZE- Cycling tour of the island of Caye Caulker, which benefits the local high school and provides training and income for students wanting to work in hospitality.

Bike with Purpose

SAN ANTONIO, BELIZE- Women’s cooperative protecting Indigenous Mayan pottery techniques, and earning an income from tourism through workshops and a delicious meal service.

San Antonio Pottery Co-op

GOTSEZHY, COLOMBIA- Indigenous community tourism enterprise, hosting a tour, handicraft and cultural experience on the Lost City Trek, benefitting 450 community members.

Gotshezhy Wiwa Community Tourism

WHISTLER, CANADA- Cultural centre and museum owned by the Squamish and Lil’wat nations, dedicated to educating travellers about the history of Indigenous people in what is now known as Whistler.

Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre

SANTIAGO DE AGENCHA, BOLIVIA- Community-owned lodge and tourism experience helping an Indigenous community create 65 jobs while celebrating their culture and heritage.

Jukil Community Lodge

OCEANS- Interactive method of collecting ocean temperature data, which travellers can undertake on the G Expedition ship in the Arctic and Antarctic.


PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MEXICO- Volunteer community restaurant providing delicious local meals, with income supporting more than 60 youth through a local art program.

El Hongo

VIENNA, AUSTRIA- Hotel and restaurant with a training program for migrants and refugees, helping them gain access to experience in hospitality and eventually jobs at other businesses.

Magdas Hotel

AYVALIK, TURKEY- Handicraft shop supporting 30 women, who create unique products all made from recycled and upcycled materials.


GUNEYSINIR, TURKEY- Community-owned almond park, providing income to a rural and remote community.

Guneysinir Community Park

MOUNT BROMO, INDONESIA- Community tourism enterprise hosting an experience and homestay, benefitting nearly 2,000 community members from the Indigenous Tengger tribe.

Ngadas Homestay

UBUD, INDONESIA- Non-profit working to provide vocational training to differently-abled adults, and earning income through a restaurant employing differently-abled staff.

Senang Hati

BAGAN, MYANMAR- Training Restaurant providing skills training and social support to youth, helping them pursue successful careers in the hospitality industry.

Sanon Training Restaurant

YANGON, MYANMAR- Training Restaurant providing skills training and social support to youth, helping them pursue successful careers in the hospitality industry.

Linkage Training Restaurant

CHITWAN, NEPAL- Community tourism enterprise hosting a homestay project completely run by Indigenous Tharu women, providing diversified income opportunities in the region.

Barauli Home Stay

NAKURU, KENYA- Non-profit handicraft workshop and cafe employing women, mostly with differently-abled children attending a nearby school funded by the organization’s work.

Cafe Ubuntu

MONDULI, TANZANIA- Community tourism enterprise offering walking tours of the village, providing community members with employment and investing in development projects in education and healthcare.

Mto wa Mbu

PAMPALLACTA, PERU- Community visit and experience hosted by a rural Andean community, visiting their seed conservation program, which is conserving indigenous potatoes and employing 34 people.

Parque de la Papa

BOHOL, PHILIPPINES- Community tourism experience and homestay benefitting 50 families in a rural community.

Make a Difference

PANAUTI, NEPAL- Women-led homestay and cultural experience providing employment for 20 female homestay hosts and benefitting more than 100 community members.

Panauti Home Stay

KANDY, SRI LANKA- Women’s non-profit funding programs through a restaurant and handicraft shop, while providing income to 115 women and differently-abled artisans.


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA- Cultural education centre and museum dedicated to supporting southern Africa’s Indigenous San communities through education and an annual youth training program.

!Khwa ttu San Training Centre

WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA- Social enterprise employing individuals living with chronic illnesses, providing employment for women across the country who create products for their handicraft shop.


ROME, ITALY- Alternative walking tour of Rome led by migrant tour guides, supporting migrant integration and employment.

Migrantour Rome

NAPLES, ITALY- Non-profit providing services and support to refugees and migrants to Naples through revenue generated by a walking tour of the city hosted by migrants themselves.

Migrantour Naples

BARCELONA, SPAIN- Social enterprise restaurant and training program supported by tapas cooking classes and a local restaurant providing employment to at-risk youth and newcomers to Spain.


MONTEVERDE, COSTA RICA- Coffee and agriculture cooperative providing income for 400 community members, earning an income from tourism activities like meals, tours, and visits to the farm.

Life Monteverde

SAN JUAN, COSTA RICA- Community tourism enterprise hosting a homestay, biking and walking tours and agricultural experiences, all providing jobs and income for 60 individuals.

Coope San Juan

NAVAJO NATION, USA- Food truck owned and operated by an Indigenous Navajo family, benefitting dozens through community support and educating travellers about life on Navajo Nation.

Native Grill

SOUTH LUANGWA, ZAMBIA- Textile workshop employing more than 100 community members, while supporting artisan entrepreneurs, and conservation efforts.

Tribal Textiles

VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE- Women’s cooperative providing a local meal experience to travellers visiting Victoria Falls, employing nearly 30 women and their families with income from the tourism industry.

Lusumpuko Women's Club

KAYABWE, UGANDA- Restaurant whose income supports a non-profit with programs for more than 50 HIV-positive orphans, including housing, access to education, healthcare and life coaching.

AidChild Equation Cafe

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL- Community-run walking tour visiting five micro-enterprises, all locally-owned-and-run, so revenue stays within the favela while travellers learn what life is like in Brazil.

Favela Experience

MEKONG DELTA, LAOS- Community tourism enterprise helping the Ban Pak Ngum and Ban Huay Tom communities to increase employment and income in the area while sharing and preserving their unique culture.

Mekong Homestay Program

DIGANA, SRI LANKA- Community guesthouse on a dairy farm that is creating alternative livelihood opportunities for 29 individuals and their families in a dolomite mining community.

Tamarind Gardens Farm

BANDARAWELA, SRI LANKA- Micro-enterprise of women tea pluckers working at Amba Estate, now making chutneys to supplement their income as they prepare for retirement.

Amba Chutney Cooperative

YANGSHUO, CHINA- Community restaurant providing a hub for children and community activities to increase positive community engagement for more than 400 residents.

Jia Community Restaurant

KHAO TEP PITAK, THAILAND- Community-owned restaurant serving traditional southern Thai dishes, all from an organic farm, providing jobs and income for hospitality employees and local farmers.

Khao Tep Pitak Community Restaurant

LAEM SAK, THAILAND- Community tourism enterprise that hosts local activities through 12 different microenterprises, such as sea kayaking, a village walking tour, and meals.

Laem Sak Community Tourism

SOUTH GOUR, JORDAN- Environmental conservation and community centre, with a cafe hosting travellers that provides income for their work to make the community more food secure.

Beit Khayrat Souf

JERASH, JORDAN- Women’s owned and run restaurant and shop filled with locally-made products, generating income for 25 local women.

DUBROVNIK, CROATIA- Women’s non-profit selling locally-produced handicrafts and products to fund outreach programs that provide resources, including legal support, to victims of violence.


CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND- Resourcefulness walking tour creating job opportunities for local artists, promoting environmental sustainability.

Resourceful Otautahi

HAGI, JAPAN- Community tourism enterprise promoting purpose within the growing elderly community of Hagi, through the hosting of traditional homestays with 15 ageing host families.

Japan Hagi Elder Home Stay

SELFOSS, ICELAND- Ecovillage committed to empowering and employing differently-abled individuals through their handicraft workshops, cafe, and tourism activities including a walking tour of the community.

Solheimar Eco-village

VICTORIA FALLS, ZIMBABWE-Women’s cooperative providing a laundry service for travellers visiting Victoria Falls, providing income for 10 women and their families.

Princess Sewing Cooperative

TENA, ECUADOR- Community tourism enterprise hosting income-generating activities like a bike tour, as well as overnight accommodation and meals benefitting 350 community members.

Shandia Lodge

TRINIDAD, CUBA- Women’s cooperative hosting a handicraft experience and shop visit for travellers, with revenue supporting a training program for youth and children about textile making, art and dance.

Proyecto Manacú

BARACOA, CUBA- Community tourism enterprise experience providing income for five family businesses from food providers, to environmental conservation initiatives on a community tour.

Baracoa Community Tour

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY- Restaurant employing differently-abled staff, with income generated going to support a non-profit committed to empowering and employing those who are differently-abled.

Nem Adom Fel

BARSKOON, KYRGYZSTAN- Handicraft organization hosting a workshop on yurt building, with income preserving traditional Kyrgyz craft techniques through innovating new technology and training young artists.

Ak Orgo

D’KAR, BOTSWANA- Indigenous-owned lodge providing employment for local San community members, with revenue being invested into local development projects like clean water and education.

Dqae Qare San Lodge

BORNEO, MALAYSIA- Community tourism enterprise mostly hosted by the younger generation of Mesilou, including an overnight stay as well as cultural experiences and farm visits, providing income for 23 families.

Mesilou Village Stay

MEDELLIN, COLOMBIA- Non-profit restaurant and handicraft project with a goal of empowering women and youth in their community who have experienced violence and injustice, currently employing 18 women.

Berracas Restaurant

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL- Community centre in Jerusalem supporting marginalized Domari women and children, earning income through a meal and handicraft experience for travellers.

Domari Society

RANOHIRA, MADAGASCAR- Non-profit dedicated to protecting Madagascar’s diverse ecosystems through water projects and tree planting, earning income by hosting a tree planting experience for visitors.

Soa Zara

BORNEO, MALAYSIA- Community tourism enterprise hosting a village tour which supports job creation for women, as well as environmental sustainability programs.

Libaran Island

BANGKOK, THAILAND- A nonprofit with a cafe and farm focused on creating accessible training and employment opportunities for differently-abled people, hosting locals and visitors for meals and farm tours.

Yimsoo Cafe

KERALA, INDIA- Women’s organization providing employment and training in the hospitality industry, acting as a platform for women to build confidence and earn their first income outside the home.

TWE- Together We Earn

ATHENS, GREECE- Non-profit providing training and employment for people experiencing homelessness in Greece, with initiatives supported by a community magazine, walking tour, and cafe.


MALE, MALDIVES- Traveller-participation beach cleanups, involving collecting plastic waste to be repurposed and recycled.

Maldives Plastic Program

HAZYVIEW, SOUTH AFRICA- Non-profit cafe hosting a training program for at-risk youth, who are able to learn about the hospitality industry while working in the kitchen, dining room and catering departments of the popular restaurant.

Good Work Foundation

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA- A local transportation service that seeks to provide income for women and empower them to be confident and independent as the leader of their families.

Lady Tuk-Tuk Driver

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA- Community tour experience working to break the stigma associated with the area, while providing youth with opportunities to gain skills in tourism.

Isla Maciel

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PUERTO AYORA, GALAPAGOS- Community-owned organic coffee farm, hosting informational tours to visitors to educate about sustainable coffee production while providing income for 59 local families.

Galapagos Coffee Tour

NEW ORLEANS, USA- Non-profit providing mentorship and support for at-risk youth through a training program for those wanting to gain employment in the hospitality industry in New Orleans.

Cafe Reconcile

ATHENS, GREECE- Social enterprise selling locally-made Greek products, with income being invested into purchasing food for homeless shelters, refugee organizations, and others in need.

Wise Greece

ULAAN BAATAR, MONGOLIA- Vocational training centre for young adults with down syndrome, hosting locals and visitors for coffee, and breaking down societal norms that have left many differently-abled without employment opportunities.

No Limits Cafe

SIEM REAP, CAMBODIA- A women-owned and run tuk-tuk enterprise in Siem Reap which breaks down societal norms by bringing women into the male-dominated chauffeur service.

Driver Srey

BOQUETE, PANAMA- Community tourism initiative benefitting 1,500 Indigenous Ngabe, providing jobs hosting travellers for tours, and at the community-owned restaurant, cocoa farm, and lodge.

Urari Turismo Comunitario

OAXACA, MEXICO- Women-owned cooperative dedicated to preserving the zapoteca culture, with revenue from handicrafts and visitor visits benefitting 13 women and their families.