Founding Partner

The Planeterra Foundation was established in 2003, by G Adventures’ Founder Bruce Poon Tip, to minimize tourism’s impact on the world’s great destinations. Since then, G Adventures has contributed millions of dollars towards our projects, and continues to provide an annual donation to offset administrative and operating costs. Planeterra also receives support from G Adventures’ employees across the organization for fundraising, operations, resource development, technology and marketing.

Corporate Changemakers

Planeterra thanks our Corporate Changemakers that have helped embed the strong desire to change the world through travel.

Citizens of Change

Planeterra also relies on the generous donations from our community of friends and travellers otherwise known as Citizens of Change. With their ongoing support, Planeterra successfully completed the 50 in 5 campaign a year and a half early. Because of their generosity we have launched Project 100, to launch 100 projects by the end of 2020!

Peter Aimone

Crystal Decosta

Anne Dubois

Steve Glinert

Gloria Harm

Charlotte Huggins

Halle M Kott

Stan Lau

Monica Matta

Maren Mödden

Kerri & Dave Purgavie

Tina Schütze

Britta Stolz

Ilana Tyler-Rubinstein

Renee F Bikker

Susan Detmers

Nicole Dymond

Jody and Deb Hamade

Courtney Hazelton

Meghraj Kamath

Wade Kreiser

Peter Lloyd

Tee McDonald

Susan Kay Pederson

James E Richards

The Simonsen Family

Emily C Burton

Christina Dikas

Zeina Gedeon

Susan Hammond

Sharon Taylor

James and Joanne Wallace

Lesley Hill

Heike Knorr

Monica Kwok

Lilian Marshall

Tanya Millington

The Poon Tip Family

Andrew Rowe

Anne Stilwill

Suzanne J Trask

Phillip Wild