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San Antonio Pottery Co-op

San Ignacio, Belize

Critical Need

The village of San Antonio, a community of 3,500 people in western Belize, has its roots in Mayan traditions and currently practices subsistence agriculture. The average family size is seven, with the average household having seven children. As in many cultures around the world where resources are scarce, education for women is not prioritized. Girls often go without attending school beyond primary levels. Government support is not easy to access, and so mothers rely on other forms of income to help support their children’s education, and send their daughters to high school. With little education, many girls and boys find themselves unemployed at an early age, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

Our Involvement

G Adventures and Planeterra are currently raising funds to support the San Antonio Women's Pottery Co-op. The funds will allow the women to build an indoor workshop to host many more travellers, and add a training program for unemployed youth in the the community, so that they too can benefit from tourism. G Adventures travellers try their hand at ancient pottery making techniques with a group of the Mayan artisans, enjoy a delicious home-made lunch, and have a chance to purchase pottery and other crafts made by the ladies.


The San Antonio Pottery Co-op was formed by a local San Antonio Women’s Group made up of nine Mayan women. They started the group to find a way to earn an income, learn new and interesting skills, and share their traditional knowledge not only with visitors, but with the younger generation. Each woman working at the Cooperative has an average of 5-10 children that they care for. 1100 G Adventures travellers will visit this cooperative annually, helping to support the education and entry point for women and youth in the tourism industry.

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