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Cast Away Ocean Science


Critical Need

The oceans belong to all of us and that means that we need to work together to ensure they stay healthy. This project sheds light on the connections between the poles and tropical oceans, and provides critical information on the seasonal variability in temperature at the far reaches of the earth. Improving the predictability of ocean climate interactions will lead to improved policy, conservation, and more effective management of the earth’s resources. The CastAway Ocean Science is part of a global initiative called the Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS), that uses local information about weather and marine conditions that is gathered by a series of monitoring stations and buoys located across the Caribbean and worldwide.

Our Involvement

Planeterra has teamed up with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) to collect ocean data on board the G Adventures Expedition. The Expedition staff have committed to collect data from points in Antarctica and the Arctic, which are places that researchers always struggle to acquire data from. Passengers on board the Expedition will have the opportunity to be part of this citizen science project by helping staff collect the data using a sophisticated, and yet easy-to-use instrument called the CastAway. The CastAway is lightweight instrument that looks similar to a handheld GPS. It was designed to be lowered into the water on a rope and reeled back in, collecting data on the way down and back up. This project is a perfect way to engage our passengers in citizen science that contributes to our global knowledge of the oceans.

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