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Maasai Clean Cookstoves

Monduli, Tanzania

Critical Need

Household air pollution through traditional cooking practices over an open-fire stove or inefficient fuel burning stove is the fourth biggest health risk in the world.  Four million people die worldwide each year from exposure to cookstove smoke that causes cancer, pneumonia, heart and lung disease, blindness and burns.  Close to half of the pneumonia deaths among children under five can be linked back to the inhalation of particulate matter from indoor smoke. Every eight seconds, smoke from traditional indoor cooking fires claims a life.


Solutions to indoor air pollution have been created, but they are often too expensive or inaccessible to rural communities around the world.

Our Involvement

G Adventures helped to create a community tour alongside our partners at the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project, as their first revenue-generating program. This visit is lead by the all-women engineer team, which takes travellers to experience the air quality of a boma (homestead) with and without a clean cookstove. The tour pays for the cost of a new stove in the home that does not have one. A new stove installed in a family’s home removes 90% of indoor smoke pollution. Along with the stoves, the entire boma also receives solar power, increasing security and safety in the homes.


Our project partner works closely with Maasai women to incorporate their ideas into the stove construction.  Through a training course, women become experts of stove and solar panel installation in their villages and neighboring villages.


So far, the Maasai Stoves & Solar Project has trained 75 women and installed 750 stoves in over sixty Maasai villages across the Serengeti. G Adventures trips have supported over 200 of the stoves installed, with each new stove removing 90% of indoor smoke in a family’s home.

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