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Migrantour Naples

Naples, Italy

Critical Need

Europe currently faces the greatest migration challenge since the end of World War II, with a large number of people seeking refuge from war, poverty, and political instability. More than 500,000 migrants have landed at Italian ports alone since 2014. The Italian government continues to ask the European Union for financial support to manage the flow of migrants, mostly arriving from North Africa, but the flow of migrants to the country continues to grow. There is a need to develop avenues through which various communities can integrate in a way that appreciates and celebrates diversity and inclusion.

Our Involvement

Beginning in 2018, the Casba Social Cooperative is facilitating tours for about 1,500 G Adventures travellers annually. The Casba Social Cooperative is a non-governmental organization and cultural mediator that works with migrants to help them to integrate and become more accepted into Naples society. Planeterra’s partnership with Migrantour Naples and Casba will allow travellers to learn about how aspects of Naples that have been influenced by new cultures and religions brought by newcomers to the city they now call home.


The Casba Social Cooperative runs tours led by migrants to Naples, with a main goal of trying to improve the lives of migrants by helping them be accepted by locals. Tours are created for local Italians to get to know newcomers to their city. Through tour guides who are migrants themselves, travellers are exposed to the beauty created by a melting pot of cultures, languages, and religions living together harmoniously in Naples. Not only will a Planeterra partnership help Casba to spread their message of integration and acceptance, but it will also bring in much-needed revenue from tourism for the organization’s efforts.

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