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City Walk

New Delhi, India

Critical Need

With more than 18 million kids living on the streets, India has the highest concentration of street children in the world. Without adequate shelter and care, children often suffer from malnourishment and do not have access to formal education and medical treatment. Without support from family, they are left to fend for themselves, entering the labour market at an early age. Many are vulnerable to being trafficked, forced into child prostitution, drug trafficking, or resort to begging to earn an income for their exploiters.

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with Salaam Baalak Trust, an organization that provides safe housing, counselling, education, and support to over 5,000 children in New Delhi, as well as managing five safe homes across the city. Salaam Baalak Trust runs a “City Walk” program, a youth-led walking tour that provides a different perspective to Delhi while giving youth the opportunity to gain new skills. Funds from the City Walk program are used to provide scholarships and job placements for youth, as well as resources for the shelters. By connecting the program to G Adventures travellers, they now have a reliable stream of income to support their education and social service work.


Sangeeta is 19 years old and the first female in the City Walk program. She was born in Mumbai and lost both of her parents when she was 10 years old. Her and her sister lived at the Mumbai Railway station until she was sent to an adoption centre. Sangeeta was adopted into a family in the United States but she struggled to adjust to the different lifestyle, and eventually came back to India. Salaam Baalak Trust helped her get an education, and she is currently in high school. She joined the City Walk team to improve her English and gain greater confidence.

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