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Parque de la Papa

Pampallacta, Peru

Critical Need

The needs of the Pampallacta community of Peru are twofold: the preservation of agricultural biodiversity and the retention of indigenous culture through economic opportunities. Approximately 6,000 indigenous community members currently work together to preserve the areas more than 3,000 species of potato – a cornerstone of life in the area, though resources are limited. Economic opportunities that enable indigenous people to remain living in the communities in which they have traditionally lived for generations are also desperately needed.

Our Involvement

Planeterra and G Adventures has supported Parque de la Papa (Potato Park) through training and customizing the experience for travellers. Travellers from our partners at G Adventures visit the park to learn about life in a rural agricultural Andean community and their seed conservation program, which is conserving indigenous potatoes alongside the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. Visitors also learn about the traditional planting or harvesting process, as well as indigenous weaving practices.


Parque de la Papa is seeing an increase in tourist activity due to our ongoing partnership. This increase allows the park to invest in more opportunities, for example with women weaving textiles, and a greater economic benefit to the community as a whole. Planeterra has also funded a micro-enterprise (in 2014) owned by a group of 12 women who make medicinal teas by hand, from one of the six communities, and they sell their teas at one of our other projects, the Parwa Community Restaurant. A message from Lino Mamani Huaraca, Parque de la Papa community member and guide: “It is always very good for us whenever tourists visit; this is why we invite them from all over the world. I invite them to see us work and how we utilize the potato, to see us sew, dance and sing. I want them to see how we live together with Mother Nature as well as the APUS (the mountain spirits), wild animals and plants. I want them to learn from our knowledge on potatoes and of our forefathers, the reason as to why we are trying to maintain our ancient traditional knowledge. We all live together in harmony with Pachamama (Mother Earth) and we like to share our experience with all of our visitors.” 

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