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Parwa Community Restaurant

Sacred Valley, Peru

Critical Need

In Huchuy Qosqo, 50km from the city of Cusco, the male population mostly provides services related to skilled and unskilled labor in public works for the local government. Some people offer their construction services in other districts or regions where they’re needed. Women mostly engage in household activities, as well as farming, with little access to economic opportunities nearby. Many young people are forced leave the community to study and work in the large cities. For many years, Huchuy Qosco residents saw tourism growing, and wished for a way to benefit from it. They had received funding for some projects like handicrafts and homestays but never saw results and still struggled to make ends meet.

Our Involvement

Parwa is a restaurant owned by the Huchuy Qosqo Association, a community-based tourism enterprise developed by Planeterra and G Adventures with co-financing from the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank Group. All income earned by the restaurant is used for investment in social projects for the community. The ingredients used in the restaurant are bought directly from the local farmers, providing a local market for direct sales. Parwa Restaurant opened in March 2014 and has an average of 1,500 travellers per month, mostly from G Adventures. Employees have monthly salaries, health insurance, pension funds, and other labor benefits. Over 25 micro entrepreneurs received technical assistance and funds to establish new businesses to supply the Parwa restaurant or sell their goods to our travellers who visit the Huchuy Qosco community.


Paulina used to work far from home and had to leave early in the morning with no option other than to leave her children alone in the front of the school for more than an hour before the beginning of the class. After a hard day at work, she had to prepare dinner for her family with almost no time to spend with her children. When the Parwa restaurant began operating, it was a dream come true for her. Now she has time for her family and works walking distance from home.

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