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Senang Hati

Ubud, Indonesia

Critical Need

Due to limited funding to support people living with disabilities in Indonesia, nonprofit organizations like Senang Hati play a key role in empowering disabled community members. In places like Hindu Bali, having a disability is stigmatized as having bad karma. This leaves many people marginalized within their communities. The child is often hidden from society, leaving them them without access to education and medical care. Senang Hati is ultimately trying to change these attitudes and create an inclusive community for all.

Our Involvement

Senang Hati runs training programs for adults living with disabilities in Bali to gain independence and confidence in the formal economy. Classes include arts, culture, wood-working, and hospitality training. Planeterra is raising funds to help Senang Hati renovate their "dream kitchen". This kitchen will be fully accessible with counters, sinks, shelves, and working spaces customized for those using mobility devices. G Adventures has committed to sending 2000 travellers to Senang Hati for a traditional Balinese lunch that will be prepped, cooked, and served by the members at Senang Hati.


The Senang Hati Foundation provides programs to develop self-confidence, physical and economic independence, and creates awareness for the rights of people with disabilities. The center provides skills training that enables members to become self-supporting through jobs related to hospitality, painting, sewing, and wood-working. 30 students a year benefit from the program, moving on to start their own businesses and families. Planeterra hopes that through this tourism lunch program more members of Senang Hati will join the thriving tourism economy that exists in Bali.

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