Who We Support

Planeterra works through local partners in over 40 countries. Our community partners are local nonprofits, grassroots community organizations, and existing social enterprises. Our local partners are working directly to empower women, youth, communities and the environment through travel.


Empowering Women

Women make up over half of the tourism workforce and yet they are often underpaid and have limited opportunities to move into higher positions in their jobs. Planeterra helps women redefine their roles in society by providing life-changing access to education and job-training.

New Paths for Youth

Youth in many parts of the world have limited access to formal education, and have few opportunities for jobs. Planeterra supports programs that help at-risk youth develop skills to work in tourism and hospitality, and provides them with a chance to create positive life paths.

Conserving Cultures

Planeterra supports programs that recognize the unique offerings that Indigenous and rural communities have for tourism. We help to create meaningful connections between travellers and indigenous people through social enterprise.

Environmental Protection

Planeterra works to mitigate the negative impacts of tourism on the natural environment through our Ocean Health Fund and by supporting social enterprises that give back to the environment.