12 Days of Remarkable Women to Inspire this Holiday Season

If you have been following along this holiday season, you will have noticed that we have been highlighting some of the remarkable women that Planeterra partners with around the world. Some of these women have their own businesses, are part of cooperatives in their communities, or even work for Planeterra. Enjoy their inspirational quotes and stories here, and click here to help us change the lives of more women in 2019.

Evie Ndhlovu, Community Dev. Specialist at Planeterra

"When I see other women succeeding, it means I'm succeeding, too."

Dorica, Chef at Courtyard Cafe

"I am happy, very happy, because sometimes that side when there’s no business, at least here [at Tribal Textiles] you’ll find I have customers so I am able to take care of my family and to keep my business going."

Mama Yusuphu, Chef & Host

“With this tourism activity, I got money, I built the house. It changed my life 150%.”

Linna, New Hope Restaurant

"My dream is to manage a five-star restaurant one day."

Josephine, Ubuntu Employee

“I have so many blessings through Ubuntu. My job allows me to pay for school fees.”

Timotea Mesh, President of San Antonio Women’s Group

“I always had a vision to create more opportunities for me, my friends, and neighbours.”

Jeevan, Homestay Host

The tourists are helping us to keep our village clean”, she said. “When the tourists came, people noticed that they weren’t throwing plastic on the ground. Now everyone encourages each other to keep the community clean.”

Miss Mangalika, Artisan

"Women can do anything!"

Beatrice, GHTA School Graduate

“The school helped us to be independent, as well to feel how important we are in our family and how we can contribute, as women, to our families.”

Chandni Yadav, Women on Wheels Driver

"Today, I am supporting my parents by all means I can and I am independent to make my own decision.”

Waffae, President of AFER

"Through this rural tourism project that Planeterra has helped us to do - Homlunch - we get the necessary funds to do our activities and maintain our programs. We are now stronger towards meeting the requests for help and support for vulnerable people.”

Ayu Ade, Senang Hati Board Member

"People with disabilities can have a normal life. I get an education I get skills. And then the best thing, I get married, and I have a son. At first I did not believe it. I can have a job, I can have a marriage and I am happy in my life. For the future if I am lucky I want to be like a businesswoman who has some hotel or has some restaurant, and then from that money I will support some organizations like this. I am very happy if I can help others like that."

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