Planeterra has taken on the ambitious task of developing 10-12 new projects every year. With your donation, we can create social enterprises that will support at-risk youth, marginalized women, and disadvantaged communities.
Donate to 50 in 5 Campaign
Monthly Giving

Donate As a Gift

A tour guide helps build a clean cookstove.
How far can your donation go?

Planeterra’s years of experience and nimble operations mean that your dollar can go ever further to help our project partners. When you donate to Planeterra, every single penny will go to our beneficiaries.

Corporate Support

We look forward to speaking with you about a range of corporate programs that will help your company reach its giving goals.
Office Fundraisers
A family of the Jirrbal people stand in front of a train station.
What difference can your group make?

A huge difference! G Adventures global sales team gathered together to raise money for the Café Chloe project in Australia. The target was high but each group created mini goals that made it possible. And they did it together, which made the experience even more rewarding.

Start a Campaign

It takes a village to get some things accomplished, and it is no different for raising money. Together with your friends or colleagues, you can help raise much-needed funding to jump start our projects.
Direct Project Support
Marketing Partnerships
Event Sponsorship
What can your corporate donation do?

Financial support from the Tourism Authority of Thailand was instrumental in development of the Northern Hilltribes Community Trek. The project has given rural indigenous villages in Thailand a chance to earn a reliable income and also stay and enjoy their homes and traditions.

Major Giving

With a generous annual family gift, Planeterra will be able to spread the wealth upcoming projects across the globe. Planeterra would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your philanthropic goals. Please contact us to learn more.
Whose lives can your donation change?

With a generous annual family gift, Planeterra has been able spread the wealth across multiple communities in Indonesia. The funding provided the necessary investment to start not just one, but three upcoming projects in Indonesia. That is true life-changing value for the money!