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Who is Planeterra

Planeterra is the leading non-profit using community tourism for poverty alleviation.

Tourism is an $8 trillion global industry, but many local businesses and communities do not benefit from it.

There are some forms of tourism where $0 reaches the hands of local people.

Planeterra works to break this cycle by supporting and uplifting community tourism.

By strengthening community tourism around the world, economic opportunities are created, places are protected, and cultures are celebrated through travel.

Here’s how it works

Together, we harness travel to change lives


By working with women, youth, Indigenous and rural communities, we ensure the ripple effects of tourism are endless.


Through grants and training, we help community businesses earn an income from tourism. Local businesses then invest in their economies, education, healthcare, and the environment.


By creating a global community tourism network for shared learning among businesses and meaningful experiences for travellers

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