At Planeterra we want to hear from you! Here you can submit a blog post you would like us to share on our website and possibly in our newsletter!

We would love to share your experiences at our community partner enterprises, why sustainable tourism is important to you, how you found Planeterra, or just about anything related!

We look forward to reading your stories, thoughts, and ideas through your blog posts.

Barauli Community Homestay Chitwan, Nepal
Parwa Community Restaurant Sacred Valley, Perú

A few things before you start writing

Keep it simple!

Planeterra is a non-profit organization that has projects all over the globe, because of this we have readers whose first language is not english so we ask you to keep things simple and even include pictures if you can! A word limit of 800-1200 words maximum is ideal- however below that is welcome!

Get Creative!

Try and think of a clever title for your blogpost! This can make a huge difference on the amount of people who click on your post.

A picture speaks a thousand words!

We would love to see your photos at our projects or related to our projects. However, please make sure the photos you are sharing are your own and that you are happy with Planeterra using them on our websites and/or social media. This is of course optional, and we reserve the right to add any photos we may see fit!

Make it unique!

We ask that the post you submit is not a duplicate and is not anywhere online (for example your blog, or a news website) (past or future) please submit new, original content that is as unique as you are!

We want to know more about you!

If you are comfortable please submit 1-3 line bio about yourself that lets our readers know who you are, as well as a photo! If you are not comfortable with submitting a photo we will find a suitable avatar to go with your post!

Need Ideas?

We of course welcome any blog posts about your experiences at our projects but do not fret if you haven’t been! We would love any blog posts that relate to any of the topics below:

  • Responsible Tourism
  • Women and Girls Empowerment Internationally
  • Youth Engagement in non-profits or hospitality
  • Conserving Cultures and Traditions
  • Environmental protection
  • Myths and Facts about travel and sustainable tourism
  • Why you support Planeterra and/or how others can get involved
  • Share a great fundraising event or campaign you organized in support of Planeterra
Amba Chutney Cooperative Bandarawela, Sri Lanka

What Happens after I submit a post?

Firstly, thank you for your submission!

We reserve the right to review and edit posts for grammar, readability and to provide context if needed. We may make small changes such as title changes, minor edits, and other changes to make sure your post is as great as you are.

If a post needs more improvement we may send it back with some suggestions so that it fits with our blogs.

After a post is approved we may post it right away or in a few weeks, but we will let you know when we share it!

Posts that are approved may be shared on Planeterra’s other social channels.

It’s important to note that there is no payment for guest posts and we reserve the right not to post the submission or to remove a post from the website without notice.