Responsible Travel Policies

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What responsible travel means to us

Planeterra is a nonprofit organization that is hyperfocused on creating the most impact we can in communities around the world through tourism. Planeterra works directly with community tourism enterprises that have big social and environmental goals. This way, tourism dollars stay in the community, creating jobs and training opportunities, with profits invested into community development and environmental programs locally. We know that, when done right, tourism can positively impact communities worldwide and the environment we all depend upon.

In order to ensure Planeterra is making the most impact possible through tourism we:

  1. Conduct annual impact surveys and have fostered a feedback culture to allow for responsive management of all programs and partnerships. 
  2. Though born in Canada, Planeterra is rooted all over the world. Planeterra’s team is global in nature, speaking local languages and understanding local culture. This allows us to stay true to who we are as a community-first organization. 
  3. We are focused on building the capacity of our community partners and our team members to achieve collective impact goals through all of our programs.
  4. We understand that to be done right, tourism must be owned, operated, and managed by the host community – for the host community. Planeterra plays a mentorship, grantee and capacity-building role for community enterprises around the world, but we play no role in their management or vision.


Our Responsible Travel Policy is drafted with three main components:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Child Welfare
  • Principles for Environmental Sustainability

This Policy is regularly vetted by Planeterra together with our community partners and strategic partners. Planeterra will continue to further develop these policies with our partners, as well as leading world experts in responsible tourism, with a particular focus on areas such as climate and biodiversity; diversity and inclusion; human rights; etc.

Animal Welfare

Planeterra and our community partners care about animals and we work with community enterprises that share this vision and are working to make it a reality.

Child Welfare

Planeterra and our community partners care about children and believe they should be protected from all potential harm in tourism.

Environmental Sustainability

Planeterra and our community partners care about the places they call home and believe that tourism should help to improve environmental well-being for the benefit of communities, not degrade or misuse the natural resources and environment.

We are keen for travellers that have visited a Planeterra community partner to speak out if any breach of our Responsible Travel Policy is encountered. Let a member of the Planeterra team know by emailing Please make a note of the date, time, and location, and provide as specific detail about the breach of our Responsible Travel Policy as possible. We have procedures to escalate concerns and will investigate and take action where appropriate.