Global Community Tourism Network

The Global Community Tourism Network supports community tourism enterprises to achieve their unique social and environmental goals by breaking down barriers that exist in the tourism marketplace. It aims to increase capacity, quality and accessibility of community tourism enterprises all around the world. The main activities include:

  • Access to online learning 
  • Connection with peers around the globe
  • Partnership and promotion 

Through the Global Community Tourism Network we aim to see:

  • Increased capacity of community tourism enterprises to achieve more impact
  • A sense of belonging and support through a collaborative community of like-minded enterprises.
  • Generation of more funding and business partnerships by working together


The Planeterra Learning Hub is a practical, online learning resource made for communities to run a successful tourism enterprise. Complimentary webinars and interviews help bring the knowledge to life.


The online community provides a place for community tourism enterprises all around the world to connect and share their stories and experiences.


Planeterra is actively seeking partnerships and promotional opportunities that will allow the growing Network to access the market successfully, using Planeterra’s proven model for development.

Why Community Tourism?

Community tourism refers to travel experiences owned, led and run by communities – non-profits, cooperatives, social enterprises. At its very best it breaks down barriers to engage underserved communities in meaningful, life-changing ways.

Parque de la Papa Pampallacta, Perú

Community Partner Spotlight

Here are just a few examples of the 500+ impactful organizations that have joined the Global Community Tourism Network across 80 countries.

Alebrijes Zoologico Magico, Mexico

Women-owned cooperative dedicated to celebrating the Zapoteca culture, with revenue from handicrafts and visitor visits benefitting 13 women and their families.

Pink City Rickshaw Company, India

An innovative project aiming to train and empower 200 resource-poor women from Jaipur to lead unique tours on environmentally-friendly rickshaws.

Grow Dat, USA

A nonprofit dedicated to providing opportunities for youth in New Orleans to develop leadership skills alongside a diverse group of peers, while learning about sustainable agriculture on the organization’s 7-acre farm.

Train and Travel, Côte d’Ivoire

A nonprofit that gives women the opportunity to participate in training courses that engage them in tourism. They have been using Planeterra’s resources to enhance their training materials for the women they serve.

Join the Community

Why should I join?

  • Expand your knowledge and skills
  • Share your knowledge and experience with other enterprises
  • Grow your enterprise
  • Be part of a movement to put communities at the heart of tourism

What is your Responsible Travel Policy?

  • We believe that tourism can leave a positive impact on host communities. To do this we must actively protect the vulnerable, be it people, species or our environment. Read our Responsible Travel Policy here.

Why is it free?

The Global Community Tourism Network is a movement, and supportive group of community enterprises striving to achieve ambitious impact goals, together. It is not a membership platform. The Global Community Tourism Network is supported by a generous community of donors, including travellers, travel companies, development agencies and government partners that believe in its mission.

Strategic Partners