How We Work


We use our experience in the tourism industry to identify programs with the best chance of success. We vet our partners thoroughly and conduct site visits to ensure that we are creating livelihoods that are truly lifting people out of poverty.

Build Capacity:

We plan the dive and dive the plan. We create detailed work plans with our local partners and contribute funds that provide specialized training and capacity building support so our partners can learn how to manage their own business.


If you build it, they will come. We connect our social enterprise partners to their initial customer base of G Adventures travellers, ensuring immediate profitability of the business, and setting them up for long-term success.
A traveller watches a Guatemalan woman weave in her home.


We work with community associations to build capacity of families to host guests and benefit from sharing their culture with travellers.


We work with vocational training kitchens that are providing capacity building and job training for marginalized individuals.
Two Khmer women prepare a meal.
Three smiling Indian women lean on a taxi.


We work with social enterprises that empower women to take on roles traditionally reserved for male counterparts, breaking down gender inequality.

A few transport projects:


We harness transferable skills and preserve culture by creating workshop space and a guaranteed customer base for handicraft businesses.
A smiling Tanzanian women holds up a tie-dye scarf.
A Costa Rican man holds up a coffee sapling.


We work with communities who have never been part of the hospitality or tourism industry before to create authentic experiences.