Our Story

Established in 2003, by global adventure travel company G Adventures’ Founder, Bruce Poon Tip, Planeterra Foundation is a non-profit organization that has contributed millions of dollars towards projects in areas of social enterprise, healthcare, conservation, and emergency response.

The Planeterra Foundation is registered under Canada’s Not-for- Profit Organization Act and 501(c)3  in the United States.

How We Are Different

Planeterra’s social enterprises are uniquely designed with the tourism value chain in mind. The businesses become self-sustaining through an already existing customer base of travellers. Where other development models typically generate positive results over a 3-5 year horizon, our projects see positive returns within the first year. In the case of some of our earliest projects we have now seen continual growth for over a decade.

Our Model

Planeterra’s projects directly meet the needs of travellers and are driven by market demands.  All projects fall into one of the following categories: Meals and Food, Tours and Experiences, Handicrafts, Accommodation, and Transportation.

By providing capacity training, catalyst grants and connecting our partners to a market partner, we are able to provide a foundation of customers, making the project successful and sustainable long-term.

The Ripple Effect

Planeterra helps to start something. Once a social enterprise is up and running the impacts begin to multiply within the community. We believe that tourism can be the greatest method of wealth distribution in the world, and we’re out to prove it.