Belikin La Ruta Maya

The Belikin La Ruta Maya is considered one of the longest canoe races in Central America that brings together professional and amateur canoe paddlers from all over the world who take on the four day grueling challenge of paddling 281 Km (175 miles) of the Belize Old River against rapids and winds.


Tatiana Morfin (CEO), Ronny Alvarado (CEO Manager) and Louis Juan an former CEO and current local guide who is representing our sponsor one of our best suppliers in Belize called Belize Family Adventures would like to take this 3-day paddling challenge to create more happiness and community around the world. Working for G Adventures, we have witnessed the good that these Planeterra projects have created in the region and we would like to give an extra push in order to raise funds and help Planeterra achieve the Project 100 for 2020.  For example, these projects will benefit women by creating sustainable business that will help provide an income and care for their families like on our Women With Wheels project in India , or preserving cultures around the world by developing businesses in the hospitality industry that can ensure the preservation of their traditions and ways of life  like Posadas Mayas.

The mind is set, the canoe is ready! But we cannot do this without your help! We alone cannot make it happen, so we are asking for your help in raising money for Planeterra, a non profit organization committed to turning travel into impact by helping local communities earn an income from tourism. Learn more about Planeterra by visiting

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