Matt’s Journey from Wis to Miss

Matt's kayaking from Wisconsin down the Mississippi River in support of Planeterra!

On April 2, 2018, Matt Ziegler will head out from his family farm located on the Trempealeur River for a 50 day journey down the Mississippi River.  


From the Ziegler farm in Wisconsin, located at 44.153511, -91588006, Matt will travel down a rough 25 mile stretch on his kayak to the Mississippi River.  He will dock at Lock and Dam 6, before journeying onwards for 26 lock and dams on a 1700+ mile journey. 


Matt's transportation is his kayak which he will have everything he'll need for the 50 day journey down the Mississippi. There will be several challenges that he'll have to embark on -- Matt plans on restocking on food about every 7 days and fill his water bags every 3 days on one of the hundred river towns on the river.  He will be camping during his entire journey on the many islands located along the way.  He'll be setting off in the spring, which poses another challenge, the snow and ice on the ground will also impact his departure date and speed.  


Follow Matt on his journey through Planeterra's Facebook Page, and for instant adventure: just add water.  


  1. Nicole Ziegler Norman

    I wish you a great and safe trip! From your cousin Nicole Norman

  2. Sheila

    Make sure you let me know when you get to lacrosse. We’ll help with supplies and a shower

  3. Laurie Hibbard

    Thank you Matt for your bravery and commitment to changing peoples lives through travel. You’ve committed yourself for over 6 years to showcasing the USA and highlighting Alaska to hundreds of travelers from abroad. Through this incredible endeavor you are helping others to see the value of their dollars spent to supporting local and indigenous groups all over this planet- Thank you Matt !

  4. Kelly

    Wow this is incredible! What a journey it will be!! All the best Matt, can’t wait to follow along

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