Sthree Holiday Campaign

Help the Women's Development Centre in Kandy get their new cafe and revitalized craft shop up and running! 

This holiday season, give a gift that will keep on giving - a job! With the Sthree Craft Shop and Cafe, Planeterra is working to renovate a functional cafe and improve their handicraft shop. In order to get their dream cafe ready, a catalyst grant of $35,000 is needed to renovate the kitchen, re-do the floors, roof and windows, renovate a bathroom, purchase furniture and revitalize their space. Women and youth with disabilities will be trained in hospitality services, and entrepreneurs improving their skills. 

Sthree will begin hosting G Adventures' travellers in 2018, helping the Women's Development Centre gain a sustainable source of income, while providing meaningful work to the people they serve. Your donation makes this dream a reality.


Turn this unused space into a Café with purpose!

Hire youth living with disabilities to build furniture for the Café:

Train women in handicraft and hospitality skills:

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