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Running is one of my favorite things as it relieves me from all my stress and improves my self-awareness. To me, running is a kind of meditation that why I’ve been running for 3 years, it’s mostly for my own accomplishment and self-exploration. Since last year, I felt like I would like to do something that I am passionate about which is running for a good cause. Coincidentally, Planettera has a project called Project 100 that we would like to have 100 projects by the end of 2020. That being said, I have registered for a 100km race in a day on January 5, 2020 starting at midnight and ending at 4pm (16 hours running) in order to raise $2,000.00 for Planettera’s Project 100.


I, alone, cannot make it happen so I am asking for your help in raising money for Planeterra , a non profit organization committed to turning travel into impact by helping local communities earn an income from tourism. By focusing on sustainable enterprise development we can ensure a lasting impact by creating long-term employment opportunities (If you want to learn more about Planeterra, you can visit them at their website, www.planeterra.org).


Last but not the least, you can follow me on Facebook on January 5th to watch me running live, cheer me up and spread your words helping me raise 2000USD. TOGETHER WE CAN …

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