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In Hazyview, South Africa 60% of the community is unemployed due to lack of qualifications and experience. Kruger Newington Youth is focused on empowering and supporting youth by providing work training around the Kruger region through digital/computer skills-based training and hospitality training. Currently, over 90% of youth do not have access to a computer which is a serious barrier to access education and bursary opportunities. By hosting computer lessons and labs, Newington Youth is giving many youth the only access to computers they will have.


Through a partnership with Planeterra, Newington Youth will gain practical job skills. Income generated will support the computer lab and training. Funds raised will help cover costs associated with hospitality and computer training as well as infrastructure development. Travellers will support this project by purchasing their lunch prepared by the students and young entrepreneurs of Newington Youth!


As travel agency owners, we send our clients all over the world!  The impact travellers have on the areas they visit can be very beneficial to the local communities.  We feel strongly about supporting the communities we and our clients visit. This year we will be visiting South Africa, including the Kruger National Park area and felt this project was super important to give the young people of this area great opportunity.

Planeterra is a non-profit committed to turning travel into impact by helping local communities earn an income from tourism. Learn more at planeterra.org.

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