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Love the Way You Travel Supports Princess Sewing Co-op

Thank you for being a loyal client of Shari Tucker Luxury Travel & Adventures as well as an avid follower of Love the Way You Travel, a weekly Facebook Live Show.


When you travel, you are embarking on a journey that not only affects the way that you see the world, but also gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. Whether or not you consider yourself rich in Canadian society, there is no doubt that if you are afforded the resources to travel, you are rich by many standards. Travel is a luxury that many people around the world will never experience.


Your $10, $25, $50 or $100 donation can go a long way in other countries to help build sustainable communities, provide jobs, education and meals to those who need it most and are working hard to make a better life for themselves and their communities.


At Shari Tucker Luxury Travel & Adventures, we believe in giving back and helping communities grow through tourism. We’ve already donated $200, now it’s your turn. Give what you can. Every dollar makes a difference.


About Princess Sewing Co-op


The Princess Cooperative, a women-run business with 10 members, focuses on tailoring services in the Victoria Falls township of Mkhosana. Planeterra’s partnership with this group provided the women with extensive business training as well as a business opportunity and partnership with group travel provider G Adventures. The creation of the Princess Laundry and Mending Service in Victoria Falls makes it possible for the women in this group to increase their income while providing G Adventures’ travellers with a laundry service at a reasonable cost.

Through our partnership with the Princess Sewing Co-op, the ladies have increased business acumen that has positively impacted their business. By expanding their marketing methods as well as embarking on a small-scale expansion, thanks to support from Planeterra, the business has shown significant potential for growth. The increase of income into their households when this project launches in 2019 means that the ladies will now be able to afford to pay school fees for their children while also leading above average economic lives. The availability of increased income also means that the ladies can now continue with their studies as most of them only attained primary school levels of education. Doing so continues to open financial possibilities for these entrepreneurs, who can expand their business and potentially start new ones.

Learn more about this project here


Planeterra is a not-for-profit organization that helps create opportunities for women, youth, and communities by providing grants and funding to social enterprises in the tourism industry. Planeterra envisions a world where people create their own economic opportunities, places are protected, and cultures are celebrated through travel. Planeterra also works to promote responsible, sustainable travel through the creation of guidelines that protect animals, Indigenous people, and children in the tourism industry.

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