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Wide Horizons Travel Supports Planeterra


Thanks so much for your interest and support of Wide Horizons Travel LLC.  When you travel with Wide Horizons, it is my hope and intention that you will experience places, people and culture in a new way.  I believe in immersive travel experiences that bring people together.  The more we know about each other, the smaller our world becomes.


This is why the Planeterra Foundation means so much to me. Planeterra works with people and organizations in local communities all over the world to improve the lives of women, children, and those who have faced challenges and violence.  Take a look at some of these amazing projects, and you’ll see what I mean. Planeterra’s projects literally change the world for the people who benefit from their efforts.


Here’s my request. How many paid vacation days will you receive in 2019? Can you make a donation of a dollar, or maybe five dollars, or even ten dollars for each day of vacation you’ll receive next year?


My thinking is this. When we go on vacation, we impact some other community with our tourism.  Hopefully, for the better, but not always. Wouldn’t you love to make a positive impact on some of the communities where tourism is less prevalent?


Planeterra works with social enterprises in these communities, creating projects like the Jukil Community Lodge in Bolivia, the AidChild Equation Cafe and Gallery in Uganda, and Indigenous businesses in the USA.


So that vacation you’re planning? Let’s make it work for good. Let’s change some lives.  And when you’re ready for your next wide horizon, give me a call. We’ll change your world, too.


Thanks so much for your support of Planeterra. FYI: Planeterra is based in Canada, so don’t be surprised that your donation amount will be slightly different than what you see on your card statement.

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