Jia Community Restaurant

Liandaowan, China


Jia Community Restaurant is not just a restaurant, it is a hub where hundreds of community members come together to learn and share experiences. It is used for celebrations, children’s educational programs, women’s empowerment programs and more. The centre receives sustained income from tourism that allows them to create jobs in the rural village while continuing to expand training programs to more people. 

Over 30 community programs were hosted here in the first year of operation. In 2019, they initiated a Community Development Fund, saving a portion of all tourism income to support community projects. Women in the community have become much more engaged in leading community activities since the first year, as they can see the impact first hand that the centre is having for their children. In the future, they hope to implement more environmental programs.

women employed
community members benefitting

Critical Need

Rural women and children in China are frequently faced with the challenge of being separated from their families, as men travel to cities to earn an income. In Liandaowan village the women are left without meaningful livelihood opportunities, and children’s education remains basic. 

RWDF  aims to meet the needs of rural women and children by providing meaningful job opportunities, training, and immersive education for children. A large network of rural women across China allows women to discover new skills, passions, and create a strong sense of community.

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with the Rural Women’s Development Foundation (RWDF) to provide the catalyst grant to construct a Community Corner and Restaurant in Liandaowan.

Planeterra then helped introduce RWDF to tour operator G Adventures resulting in a built-in customer base of travellers. The restaurant provides the opportunity for young women and families to become chefs, waiters and guides to host travellers. 

Planeterra supported the training of 10 women in developing the necessary skills to run a successful kitchen. The restaurant is owned and managed by Tomato, a woman with a strong vision of seeing her generation empowered and engaging meaningfully in society. The Community Corner acts as a place of learning and community building for children, including a library, formal learning programs and other community events.