Maldives Plastic Program

Malé, Maldives


This program directly supports local organizations as they strive to integrate sustainable solutions to plastic use in the Maldives. These programs include awareness raising, education and proper recycling. The project also allows travellers to learn more about environmental initiatives happening locally, becoming more responsible travellers.

plastic bottles are discarded daily in Malé

Critical Need

Maai Mahiu town is located along the major tourist and trade route in East Africa.  This route is also known as the AIDS Highway due to the truck drivers who travel it propelled the spread of the disease. As adults become ill or die, they leave an ever-growing population of orphaned or abandoned children to fend for themselves on the garbage-strewn streets.  These hardships along with the communities roughly 80% unemployment rate makes it extremely difficult to build and empower themselves and those around them. The Ubuntu Team realized that lasting change begins with creating jobs, and building opportunities that empower the local community to take ownership of their own lives so that they can begin building a brighter future for their families and the wider community.

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with local travel company, Voyages, to integrate plastic pick-ups into all of G Adventures tours through the Maldives as of 2020.

The aim is to mitigate tonnes of plastic from inhabited beaches and incorporate local communities in the mission to reduce plastic waste from reaching the ocean. Planeterra provided the equipment necessary for travellers to engage in plastic clean-ups.

A local nonprofit facilitates the processing of collected plastic and sends it for upcycling in countries that have the proper infrastructure.