Moshi Mamas

Moshi, Tanzania


Give a Heart to Africa (GHTA) welcomes approximately 30 women annually into their year-long school program. By connecting the graduates of the school with a primary consumer market from the tourism industry, the makers of the Moshi Mamas and Lala Salama Spa can create a full-time income for themselves and their families. Transport, a platform to speak about the work of Give a Heart to Africa, and a market link are provided through Planeterra’s partnership with G Adventures. Proceeds from the sales help support the women-owned-and-run businesses and school, allowing more women to access free education.

women employed
community members benefitting

Critical Need

Gender inequality is still very much felt in Tanzania. Things are changing, but when it comes to educational opportunities, girls are still often passed over first compared to their brothers or male cousins. Only 5% of girls finish secondary school. Education for adults is expensive and as many males in the family control the income of the household, many adult women have limited chances to invest in their own education and the well-being of their family.

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with a free, women-only, adult business school named Give a Heart to Africa (GHTA) in 2015. GHTA provides a year-long curriculum in Business Management, Accounting, and English. Top graduates (based on drive, need, and grades) are provided seed-funding to start their own businesses. Planeterra funded and supported businesses launched by graduates that serve the tourism industry, as the town of Moshi where the school is located is a  popular destination for travellers hiking Mount Kilimanjaro. Businesses supported include a handicraft maker’s studio and shop, called the Moshi Mamas Cooperative, as well as the Lala Salama Spa.

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