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Planeterra lanza el movimiento por el Turismo Comunitario Global

Infotur Latam   |   April 30, 2021

Apoyar a las empresas de turismo comunitario tiene el potencial de cambiar millones de vidas a mejor mientras el mundo comienza a viajar de nuevo, así como de ofrecer experiencias locales inolvidables a los viajeros. Pero son pocas los negocios comunitarios que cuentan con el conocimiento y los recursos para poder aprovechar al máximo la cadena global de suministro del turismo.

Planeterra launches Global Community Tourism Network

Travel Weekly   |   April 20, 2021

Non-profit organisation Planeterra has created a network of more than 200 community tourism enterprises from 68 countries to share experiences and lessons.

Can This New Global Community Tourism Network Shift Business Models?

Skift   |   April 27 2021

The concept of community-based tourism, in which businesses are owned and operated by local communities with revenue, in turn, targeting rural development, dates back to the 1970s. Pre-pandemic, a greater number of community enterprises were entering the tourism value chain as travelers increasingly sought culturally immersive experiences with travel dollars going directly to local communities.

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Planeterra’s new ‘PACT’ prioritizes community tourism development in Panama

Travel Week   |   January 18 2021

Planeterra, the global leader in community tourism enterprise development, has teamed up with the Panama Government, in partnership with the Panamanian Foundation for Sustainable Tourism (APTSO), Fundación Natura, for a joint venture, ‘PACT’, to work with communities across Panama to build community tourism experiences that improve the well-being of residents, visitors, and the environment.

Planeterra launches virtual Trek Challenge to rebuild community tourism

PAX Global Media   |   August 25 2020

Planeterra Foundation, the non-profit partner of G Adventures and G Touring, has launched its first annual ‘Planeterra Trek Challenge’ and is inviting the travel industry to join a virtual trek to Everest Base Camp to help rebuild community tourism around the world following the devastating impact of COVID-19.

Together In Travel: Planeterra Supports Communities Most In Need

Karryon   |   May 26 2020

Planeterra has launched the ‘Turn Travel into Impact from Home’ campaign, which assists local communities who rely on tourism for income, during these challenging times.

Special Report: The global impact of Covid-19 on tourism jobs

Travel Weekly   |   May 12 2020

Katie McGonagle speaks to six tour leaders, accommodation providers and operator representatives in destinations from Australia to Peru

There's a shocking story behind this meal

The Observer   |   May 1 2020

“No, gentle. You have to pinch with your fingers, like this. Slow! You have no patience!” She’d known me for 30 minutes and had me nailed: I am not patient, ever.

Non-profit launches Turn Travel into Impact from Home’ campaign

Inside Travel   |   April 28 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, halting the global tourism industry, local communities who rely on tourism for income are being severely impacted.

Planeterra Pivots To Help Communities During COVID-19 Pandemic

Travel Press   |   April 27 2020

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to halt the global tourism industry, local communities that rely on tourism for income are being severely impacted.

New Planeterra Campaign Aims To Help Communities Impacted By COVID-19

OpenJaw   |   April 23 2020

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to halt the global tourism industry, communities that rely on tourism for income are being severely impacted, says Planeterra, G Adventures’ non-profit partner.

Planeterra supports communities most in need as projects pivot to help tackle COVID-19 crisis

Travel Daily News   |   April 23 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, halting the global tourism industry, local communities who rely on tourism for income are being severely impacted.

GLP Films Announces the Best Sustainable Tourism Films of 2020 (Sthree Craft Shop and Cafe Video)

GLP Films   |   March 19 2020

GLP Films (GLP), the award-winning content marketing agency dedicated to sustainable tourism, announced the official selections for the 2nd annual “Best Sustainable Tourism Films” competition.

Local knowledge for eco-conscious tourism choices

Otago Daily Times   |   March 9 2020

The latest travel book from Lonely Planet, Sustainable Escapes, discovers the world’s best eco-conscious travel experiences and places to stay. This is an edited extract.

G Adventures and Planeterra add not-for-profit experiences for International Women's Day

TTG   |   March 6 2020

Five new projects aimed at empowering women and their communities have been announced by G Adventures and its not-for-profit partner Planeterra.

Where to Go in 2020

enRoute Air Canada   |   March 2020

Where to Go in 2020 — From a parrot safari in New York to glamping on the shores of the “world’s aquarium” in Mexico.

The Ripple Effect: Redefining Community Tourism and its Power to Transform Lives

Skift   |   January 10 2020

As the global travel industry enters a new era of responsibility, how we define and measure the impact of community tourism must evolve beyond the traditional understanding of community-based tourism as a tool for community development.

Tourism that Makes a Difference in India and Nepal

Virtuoso   |   January 2020

Exploring beyond Everest in Nepal and connecting with locals in India deliver tourism for good.

Spotlight: Travel industry leaders to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Travel Weekly   |   November 14 2019

A team of travel industry leaders will travel to Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro raising money for G Adventures’ charitable foundation, Planeterra and Abta Lifeline.

50 reasons to celebrate with Planeterra and G Adventures

Travel Week   |   November 7 2019

TORONTO — Planeterra, G Adventures’ non-profit aimed at “turning travel into impact”, had 50 reasons to celebrate at Livelihood Café earlier this week.

Here’s How Canadians Can Do Good Every Time They Travel

Far and Wide   |   September 27 2019

On September 27 the United Nations marks World Tourism Day, highlighting the ways travel and tourism make a positive impact across the globe.

Planeterra is just 15 projects away from completing its Project 100 goal

PAX   |   November 6 2019

The Planeterra Foundation, the non-profit arm of G Adventures, completed its 50 in 5 campaign ahead of schedule, one and a half years early, to be exact.

"Try not to overthink it": G Adventures' Sustainability Message to Agents

Travel Weekly   |   August 29 2019

G Adventures’ vice president of social enterprise and sustainability has urged travel agents to sell products that aren’t just a commodity and “make them feel good”.

Creating Positive Change Through Tourism

The Discoverer   |   August 12 2019

Standing in the crowded New Delhi airport, weighed down by carry-on luggage and fighting off yawns after a long flight, I was met with the familiar signs of the start of a trip.