Resourceful Ōtautahi

Christchurch, New Zealand


The walking tour, Resourceful Otautahi, provides a steady stream of income to Rekindle. This allows them to expand their work and reach more community members through a new base at the Arts Centre in central Christchurch. It also allows them to employ guides and artisans who can share their stories and crafts to a wider population, and earn an income from their craft. A resourcefulness workshop with Rekindle doesn’t just build new skills and knowledge about the environment – it connects people.

Through this partnership, Rekindle is able to provide free workshops to community members to learn new skills and the importance of our relationship with the environment around us.

people employed
hours of free community workshops

Critical Need

When people feel connected to the environment and people around them, amazing things can happen. In a city like Christchurch, New Zealand, where the downtown core was devastated by the 2011 earthquake, making space for resourcefulness and community participation remains essential. Christchurch continues to struggle to find ways to bring community members together to feel connection and belonging.

 Planeterra’s partner, Rekindle, provides that space for community members to come together and share a meaningful experience. Being resourceful not only fosters care for the environment and its resources, but it also provides a shared sense of purpose. Rekindle delivers workshops that focus on resourceful skills as a means of strengthening community and building self-confidence in a hands-on environment.

Our Involvement

Planeterra has partnered with Rekindle to create a walking tour through the city core which connects travellers to the place, environment and people of Christchurch.

Planeterra provided the catalyst grant needed to launch this new tour. This catalyst grant provided resources and capacity training to develop this small business.  

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Rekindle has opted to shift their business model away from international travel, focusing on workshops and engagement in their local community.

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