TWE- Together We Earn

Kerala, India


This partnership allows TWE- Together We Earn to train more women than ever, and provide tangible skills-training opportunities with a guaranteed customer base. The income generated through this program allows the organization to continue expanding training for various livelihood opportunities for women in Kerala, and empower more women as entrepreneurs. The centre also provides a platform for women to build confidence and become independent members of society.

women employed

Critical Need

Kerala has made strides on women’s empowerment in terms of education and health indicators, having the highest rates in India, yet women’s participation in the labour force is low and declining. In rural Alleppey agriculture, construction, fish farming and sanitary workers are main sources of income for families.

Women do not often have the opportunity to gain skills and find employment beyond the work they are doing in the fields. TWE- Together We Earn led by Theruvarom NGO in Kerala was created to directly meet the needs of women in the area.

Our Involvement

Planeterra partnered with TWE-Together We Earn to bring their women’s empowerment program to the next level. An investment allowed the organization to build a kitchen in rural Alleppey that can be used for training women in catering skills, prepping food for their local tea shops, and hosting international travellers. Previously, the program focused their livelihood training on opening local tea shops. With this partnership, they are bringing their passion and expertise into tourism for the first time. Training on hospitality and tourism management was provided by Planeterra to ensure TWE’s success as they pivot into tourism for the first time. They received their first international travellers in January 2020 and the program has generated employment for 10 women. Planeterra continues to mentor TWE as they explore more income-generating opportunities for women in rural Alleppey.