Celebrating 20 years of impact

Help Create a Better Kind of Tourism 

Looking ahead to the next 20 years, we are more dedicated than ever to continue growing community tourism so that its ripple effects can continue to multiply and create even more positive change in every corner of the globe for both communities and travellers alike. 

Want to support the growth of community tourism? 


What we've accomplished so far

Planeterra was founded in Toronto

The Planeterra Foundation was created as a means for the travel industry to give back. In that same year, G Adventures and Planeterra established camps in Tibet, flying in 60 doctors to perform cataract and other eye surgeries, restoring the sight of over 300 people in remote Tibetan villages

The House of Children of the Sun
Planeterra funded the purchase of a house for the Cuzco Youth Drop-in Center, Inti Runakunaq Wasin, also known as “The House of Children of the Sun”, providing children and youth with various educational training, workshops, and programs focused on occupation and income generation, enabling them to thrive and prosper

The Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op, Planeterra’s first community tourism enterprise is established in Ccaccaccollo, Peru

The first Ignite the Night

G Adventures held the first Ignite the Night event as a fundraiser in honour of Planeterra. The event was a huge success!

A new project in India: City Walk
A new project in India: City Walk

City Walk is a youth-led walking tour that provides a different perspective on Delhi while giving youth the opportunity to gain new skills

New Hope in Cambodia

Planeterra worked with New Hope Outreach Centre to build a training restaurant to support young Khmers living just outside of Siem Reap

A $1 million initiative

Planeterra embarks on a $1 million initiative with the Inter-American Development Bank to build sustainable tourism projects in Central and South America

“50 in 5” Campaign
“50 in 5” Campaign

Officially Launched “50 in 5” campaign to develop and include 50 new community tourism enterprises into G Adventures tours in 5 years

Responsible Travel with Indigenous People

In partnership with George Washington University, we created the Responsible Travel with Indigenous People: Global Good Practice Guidelines

Child Welfare and the Travel Industry

Partnered with ChildSafe Movement and G Adventures to develop the Child Welfare and the Travel Industry Global Good Practice Guidelines

50 new projects!
Life Monteverde
Launched “Project 100” building on our 50 in 5 campaign to grow to 100 community tourism projects around the globe and expanded our network of travel companies integrating community tourism projects into their tour offerings by establishing partnerships with two well-established UK travel brands, Travelsphere and Just You
Our COVID-19 response
Sthree Craft Shop and Café - Planeterra

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Planeterra launched the Turn Travel into Impact from Home campaign. We created The Learning Hub – an online resource for community tourism enterprises – with more than 50 different modules, worksheets, and templates. Our work was recognized by the WTM Responsible Tourism Award. In 2020, Planeterra was also awarded a grant from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) for a project in Sri Lanka

The Global Community Tourism Network

Publicly launched the Global Community Tourism Network (GCTN) – a network of 454+ partners in 78 countries. Planeterra was also awarded a grant from the CFLI, this time, for a project focused on breaking down barriers of entry for youth in the hospitality sector in South Africa


Launched the Global Community Tourism Fund and worked on a ground-breaking partnership with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

Learn more about Planeterra’s work over the past 20 years here

GX Peru

G Adventures and Planeterra demonstrated the transformative potential of community tourism in the first-ever GX World Community Tourism Summit.

GX: Peru was more than just an event—it was a testament to the power of community in shaping a better world. Throughout the week the over 400 participants experienced first-hand the impact of community tourism visiting four different communities.

Then on September 27, everyone gathered for the first-ever World Community Tourism Summit in Cusco, Peru where a diverse line-up of speakers and panelists shared their thoughts and experiences, igniting discussions on how community tourism can make a lasting impact. Click here to learn more.

Ccaccaccollo Women’s Weaving Co-op Sacred Valley, Peru
GX became a reality thanks to the support of:

The next 20 years

What do the next 20 years look like? Planeterra set the bar high working towards achieving the following  aspirational goals by 2030:

  • 50 million travellers experiencing community tourism
  • $1 billion worth of income reaching communities
  • 3.5 million lives improved through community tourism
Would you like to be part of the next 20 years and help Planeterra uplift lives through travel?
We’re looking for travel companies, strategic partners and community tourism champions who want to uplift more lives through travel. Contact us at info@planeterra.org 

Community tourism around the world

Looking for a different way to travel? Check out the community tourism enterprises that Planeterra has directly supported.

Friends International

“it was natural for ChildSafe to choose Planeterrra as our partner, as we are both committed to the business of changing lives for the better. Planeterra’s dedication to ensuring the welfare and protection of children in the travel industry reinforces the key messages of ChildSafe, and their position as a global leader in sustainable and responsible tourism means that through our partnership, more communities, families and children can enjoy the benefits that tourism brings, in a protective environment. ChildSafe Movement is proud to partner with Planeterra – Together, protecting children!”

Planeterra Strategic Partner


“Our community as a workshop benefits tremendously from Planeterra – there are lulls now and again but by and large, tour groups help us pay the rent; our community as a town relies heavily on tourism – the best change I notice is more young waiters speaking English!”

Planeterra Community Partner

Erwin Sasmito

“When I joined G Adventures 12 years ago I quickly realized how lucky I was to find myself working for a company where doing good business comes from intentionally helping communities around the world – that’s why the 12 years (and more years to come). I’m doing something right and for something honourable. And it’s really all about our business model. Without Planeterra our business would not have the kind of positive impact that we bring to communities around the world. Thank you Planeterra for all that you do”

G Adventures Staff

Nuppy Mistry

“The immersive, cultural experiences that would be missed without the integration of Planeterra partners into G Adventures itineraries help educate travellers in a special and invaluable way. The partnership not only aligns with my own values but I know every day in my role I am ensuring that travel is used as a force for good”

G Adventures Staff

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

“GSTC’s impact-driven mission in becoming an agent of change in the world of sustainable tourism is well aligned to Planeterra’s determination to use tourism as a catalyst to enhance the local community’s lives, and protect the environment as well as their culture. Both organizations will continue to share knowledge and adoption strategies for sustainable tourism practices”

Planeterra Strategic Partner

Phillip Wild

“It’s giving people the gift of opportunity and self-determination, rather than simply handouts – which are never as effective.
Having visited some Planeterra projects, you can see the impact you are making on the ground by supporting the foundation – it’s tangible and real. I can’t think of a better way to give back”

Planeterra Donor

Renee Bikker

“Planeterra doesn’t think that it knows everything and directs what people should do, it listens and supports. So respectful. So empowering. So sustainable”

Planeterra Donor


Have you visited any of the community tourism enterprises we’ve supported? Tag @planeterracares and share your hashtag #PlaneterraMoment on Instagram with us. We will feature your photos or videos in this section. Let’s inspire more people to make travel a force for good.


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