Asociación de Artesanos de Madera Imbert

Imbert, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic


The primary goal of the association is to preserve and celebrate Dominican culture and the artisanal process of crafting wooden pieces as cultural heritage. Forty artisans and their families directly and indirectly benefit from the association.

Through Planeterra’s partnership, they connected with travellers inside an Iberostar Resort, allowing guests to experience the culture and learn how to carve petrified wood. This additional revenue will increase their income, enabling community growth.

artisans directly impacted
community members indirectly impacted

Critical Need

Imbert, a town nestled in Puerto Plata, is celebrated for the intricate woodwork crafted by local artisans, notably the renowned “petrified wood.” Established in 1997, Asociación de Artesanos de Madera Imbert (ASOARTEP) endeavours to elevate the visibility of artisanal work and establish it as a sustainable and legitimate source of income for artisans and the wider community.

With 40 active members, the association positively impacts approximately 250 families. Furthermore, it’s imperative for ASOARTEP to intertwine the diverse wooden sculptures with Dominican culture, thus perpetuating and honouring its rich heritage.

Our Involvement

integration into one of the Iberostar resorts in the Dominican Republic. Here, visitors can engage in a short woodcarving experience and learn about the local culture, with the option to purchase various woodwork pieces.

Additionally, Planeterra provided funding to establish stands that immerse travellers in the community atmosphere and replicate a community tourism experience within the hotel. We also conducted training sessions on developing such experiences. Thanks to these efforts, many Iberostar clients can now enhance their resort experience by participating in community tourism activities within the hotel.