AFER Women's Association Homlunch

M’Haya, Morocco


Through their partnership with Planeterra and the creation of AFER’s homlunch program, the association is able to inject more money into their community initiatives. This includes providing assistance to differently-abled individuals living in rural M’Haya, running a local ambulance service, empowering 19 literacy groups with lessons in French and Arabic, and five sewing cooperatives for rural women.

women directly employed
community members benefitting

Critical Need

Over the years there has been significant progress in support for women’s rights in Morocco. Women are being welcomed into the community decision-making process, and are receiving increased access to education. However, despite these advancements, rural women and girls still face challenges including: higher school drop out rates, high maternal mortality due to a lack of access to health care, domestic violence, and discrimination in society. Organizations that are promoting women’s rights, gender equality, and access into the formal economy are the way forward.

Our Involvement

Planeterra provided funding for the first hospitality program run by local partner AFER (Association Des Femmes et Enfants Ruraux) to develop the skills of rural women in Morocco. Planeterra helped AFER to develop the training program, provide funds to renovate their kitchen and dining area, provide kitchen equipment and resources, as well funding to outfit the administrative space with air conditioners and fans.

Planeterra also connected this new hospitality program to more than 3,000 travellers from their partners at G Adventures. Travellers visit the rural village of M’Haya for the AFER homlunch, and receive a warm welcome from a group of five women who serve up a delicious traditional lunch. This partnership helps support the long-term job development of women in rural Morocco, with additional funds supporting health and education programs for a network of over 700 women and children.

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