Baracoa Community Tour

Baracoa, Cuba


Since partnering with Planeterra, community members in Baracoa are seeing revenue flow into the family micro-enterprises, the promotion of local businesses and projects, and the breakdown of stereotypes that severely limit the local families from being included in the tourism industry. Through this cultural immersion tour, Planeterra has worked with the Baracoa Community to include visits to multiple family-owned micro-enterprises related to local cultural activities. Three villages are visited by this tour, resulting in 200 people being impacted by responsible tourism.

people directly impacted
community members indirectly benefitting

Critical Need

Local families who live around Baracoa City in villages like Duaba, El Jamal, and Yumury have had their houses destroyed by multiple hurricanes resulting in the loss of most belongings. Economic opportunities that enable local families to remain living in their communities are desperately needed, that’s why they see tourism as an economic opportunity. They have developed family micro-enterprises related to tourism services such as a Cacao tour, restaurants, and handicrafts, preserving unique Cuban fauna. However, these micro-enterprises were in need of guidance to develop innovative experiences and access to customers to reach its full potential in order to achieve financial success. Families are also in need of guidance to avoid the negative impacts that tourism can generate, such as losing unique traditions and cultures. Tourism can be an excellent tool to protect natural and cultural resources and improve empowerment for local families if done correctly.

Our Involvement

Planeterra works with family-owned micro-enterprises in the rural areas of Baracoa, creating a network of micro-enterprises and integrating their tour into trip itineraries. Planeterra provided the funding for training and capacity building for the local families, which has resulted in a much-needed boost for these communities. Through these funds, the community is able to hire more individuals, creating ripple effects resulting in the further development of projects which positively impact the community. 

Travellers have the opportunity to learn from local guides, participate in local living experiences and make some traditional delicacies. Travellers also have the chance to purchase unique handicrafts, all supporting the women, men and youth of Baracoa.

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